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  • RIVER RAT: Bardstown’s Puckett is 5th Region POY

    I’m getting set to go on vacation next week, so this seemed like a good time to play some catch-up from some spring sports things we didn’t get to highlight on these pages, as well as some college stuff that may have flown under my radar.


    • With Bardstown senior Reece Puckett being voted by the coaches as the 5th Region Player of the Year for this season, it marks a second straight year for a local player to be so honored.

  • RIVER RAT: Strunk has big job ahead changing NC football

    Nelson County has found its new football coach in the form of Alabama export Dirk Strunk, who was on campus Friday meeting with school administrators, teachers and students, and, perhaps more importantly, potential players.

  • RIVER RAT: Johnson, Cooper-Livers ready for life’s next step

    College is a time for realizing your dreams and discovering yourself and the kind of person you want to be for the rest of your life.

    It’s about growing up, and two former local high school hoops standouts have done just that during their years together on the Brescia University men’s basketball team, in more ways than one.

  • RIVER RAT: Don't overthink it on Sunday

    Super Sunday is here, and while it’s a Super Bowl rematch with Philly and New England, it really isn’t. The only holdovers from the Pats’ win over the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

    And as much as I would love to see the Eagles finally stop the Pats and prevent them from tying the Steelers for more Super Bowl wins, the fact that those two gentlemen are still on the New England side makes all the difference in the world.

  • RIVER RAT: Sunday’s playoff picks

    I’m short on time and space, so I won’t dwell too much on my picks debacle from last week (and that mess that the Steelers foisted upon me and other Black’n’Gold fans).

    Let’s get to it.


    AFC: Jacksonville at New England

  • RIVER RAT: Take Saints, Steelers in Sunday’s games

    While all this bad weather certainly stinks, one positive we can take away from it is that if you’re an NFL fan, Sunday’s playoff games should be dandies.

  • RIVER RAT: Youthful memories, plus NFL picks

    My childhood sports memories started with watching and listening to the Reds as much as I could.

    When Cincinnati was on West Coast trips, I often got busted by Mom with that single-earplug off the transistor radio listening to Marty and Joe’s calls on WLW. (The Steelers thing came soon after.) I knew my Reds players well, and tried to learn as much as I could about the guys on the teams that Cincinnati would play each week. I still hate the Dodgers.

  • RIVER RAT: Sunday’s playoff picks

    The first round of the NFL playoffs is upon us, and as is per tradition for this NFL junkie, I use this space every year to talk about the most exciting time of the year in pro football, and to make my picks.

    Check out Friday’s edition or go online at kystandard.com for my picks for Saturday’s Wild Card games.


    AFC: Buffalo at Jacksonville

  • RIVER RAT: It’s playoff time

    NFL Playoffs time is upon us, and as is the case every year, I will be offering up my picks for the postseason.

    This year was strange year in what has become a sequence of strange years in the NFL world, as controversy raged around the players’ pregame protests, as well as the continuing looming threat over concussions and what the league is actually doing to try to reduce them.

  • RIVER RAT: Reviving an old family tradition

    Went to the track on Friday.

    It’s an old family tradition dating back probably well before I came into this world, with the Zubaty menfolk being dropped off at Churchill Downs the day after Thanksgiving whilst the women went shopping in Louisville.