• STRAIGHT ARROW: My last bowhunt of the season

    Thursday, Jan. 5, it was spitting snow as I drove to work, and the forecast was for some snow all day. I love to hunt in the snow, and at about 10 a.m. I told my boss that if it kept snowing, I might have to punch out early to get in a treestand for the evening hunt. He said that would be OK.

    I checked the weather at noon, and the forecast was for more snow with a northwest wind blowing between 5 and 7 mph.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: My last three bowhunts of 2016

    On Tuesday, Dec. 13, I had delivered parts to Oil Springs, Ky., but got home early enough to make a trip to a treestand. I climbed into the stand at 4:30 p.m.; the temperature was 44 degrees with a light southwesterly wind. I saw one deer come to the field about 150 yards away. It fed for a few minutes before disappearing back into the woods.

    At dusk I had one deer right under me, but it never stepped out into the field I was watching, so there was no chance for a shot, as that deer backtracked into thick brush there were four other deer that moved off with it.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Lilly and Hannah’s late youth hunt

    The girls — Lilly, age 5, and Hannah, age 10 — have been looking forward to the late youth hunt for a while. They had both practiced shooting the single-shot .223 rifle, and Hannah had been shooting her bow out of a treestand at 3-D deer targets because she wanted to bowhunt if the weather cooperated.

  • Kentucky free youth hunt weekend is Friday and Saturday

    The free youth deer hunt will be open Saturday and Sunday and gives kids one last chance to take deer with a firearm.

    During this youth hunt, resident and nonresident kids 15 years of age and younger — who are accompanied by an adult — can participate. Youth hunters may hunt with firearms or any other legal method (muzzleloader, crossbow or archery equipment), and they can hunt statewide without a hunting license or deer permit.

    Adults accompanying youth hunters on this hunt cannot use a firearm to take a deer.

  • Even a rough morning makes for special sights

    After a busy work week and then setting up a booth on Saturday morning at Bloomfield Middle School’s NASP archery tournament, where Bonnie and I spent the day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., I couldn’t wait to get in a treestand on Sunday morning.

    I checked the weather Saturday evening, the forecast was for a temperature of 31 degrees, and it would be cloudy with a 3-6 mph SSE wind.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Christmas gift ideas for your archer

    If you have a bowhunter or a kid in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) on your Christmas list, I will give you a few suggestions that might help you make a good choice for a gift.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: There’s still time for bowhunting

    Gun season is over, but we still have a lot of time left before the archery deer season ends Jan. 16 to keep bowhunting.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: My first day deer hunting with Hannah

    My son Eric was going to have to work Friday, Nov. 25, so at lunch Thanksgiving Day I told him that if my granddaughter Hannah wanted to hunt Friday that I would be glad to take her. When we mentioned this to Hannah, she was excited and anxious to get to go hunting with me Friday.

    Plans were quickly made for Hannah to spend the night with Bonnie and me, but since Bonnie would be going shopping with her sisters Friday, Hannah and I would have the whole day to ourselves, something we had never done before.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Hannah bags her biggest buck yet

    On Friday, Nov. 11, we left for our annual trip to Grand Rivers and the Land Between The Lakes, but with changes in deer hunting regulations at LBL, we were not going to be hunting.

    (Deer harvested at LBL are no longer bonus deer, so you have to use your statewide tags, plus you have to purchase a permit to bowhunt.)

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Two key tips for proper bow care

    Last week I had two bows brought into the shop for repairs, and I would like to bring these issues to everyone’s attention.