• OUTDOOR TALES: Big bear, eagle threat found

    As the new year races out of the starting gate headlong into the Mayan calendar’s 2012, we need to make sure we have caught our share of fish, bagged our share of squirrels and hiked our share of trails.

    While obviously the Mayans were a pretty bright bunch, only a few of them made it to 2012. But their famous calendar — which claims this year will be our last — gives us cause to enjoy it.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Winter great for hiking

    Winter has just started and already some folks are suffering from the cold-weather blahs. Sports shows aren’t yet in full-swing, and there isn’t enough ice for solid-water fishing. So what’s a person to do to deal with the blahs?

    Winter is a good time for many outdoor activities, including hiking. In fact, it is one of the best times for a walk in the woods, for getting outdoors.

  • Bald eagles find nesting spot in Nelson County

    Although by December most birds have traveled south of Kentucky to somewhere more tropical, such as Florida, the bald eagle considers the commonwealth just south enough.

    On Dec. 18, Stephanie Wimsett, New Haven, came home from church to find two eagles circling her pond on Lyons Station Road.

  • New Year traditions — one year races into another

    Here it is the end of 2011, and ready to plunge into 2012. It hardly seems possible. The year 2011 has raced by, and for most people it was a good outdoor year. Fishing was good and there were plenty of deer and turkeys, and more trails were added to hike.

    As we start a new year. I make resolutions about losing weight, cleaning my tackle box (well, that’s boxes) and make other resolves I seldom keep.

  • Photo: Deer Harvest
  • Photo: Deer Harvest
  • Photo: Deer Harvest
  • OUTDOOR TALES: Christmas is special time for this outdoorsman

    I’m addicted to Christmas. It is really special. I love the music, the food, the giving of gifts, and the fact we celebrate Christ’s birth. 

    On Thanksgiving Day, I start scanning the car radio for Christmas music. There are several stations which play the holiday tunes from the time of a turkey day hunt to Christmas day, this year’s day-long NBA rollout.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Christmas ideas for outdoor types

    It seems like it was just almost too hot to fish the other day. Then along came Thanksgiving, and now it’s almost Christmas.

    As part of my Christmas tradition, I try to pass along some gift ideas for the outdoors person. Some people think it is tough to buy a Christmas gift for an outdoors person. But, really it’s easy. 

    Outdoors people love gadgets and anything that will help them enjoy their sport, whether they are anglers, hunters, boaters, and hikers or pursue any other form of outdoor recreation.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Thank those who support your outdoor endeavors

    Recently on an evening radio news show, the host and a guest were discussing that fewer people these days take the time or effort to say, “Thank you.”

    There were several speculations as to why. Younger people aren’t taught to say it, people just expect more, and some just have learned or don’t care about good manners. Maybe they don’t appreciate what they receive and what they have.