• STRAIGHT ARROW: Don't ever give up on that deer

    If you have truly accepted the challenges of bowhunting and love being in the outdoors, bowhunters now have the opportunity to chase the Whitetail Deer from Aug. 1 all the way through Jan. 21, 2013, and by wearing a hunter orange hat and vest you can bowhunt during the muzzleloader and firearms seasons. This is a lot of time available to us to get into the woods and pursue the whitetail.

    With a full-time job and being in the archery shop quite a bit I have to take advantage of getting into my stand every chance I get, and this includes inclement weather.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Deer season coming soon

    Deer season is just a few days on the calendar away, and it’s time to make final preparations for the upcoming hunts. Preparation is a key to success.

    My outdoor writer friend Tammy Sapp has posted some tips to get ready for opening day. These suggestions will increase one’s chances of tagging a deer, and making the opening more enjoyable, even if you don’t harvest a whitetail the first day.

    Tammy regularly posts hunting and other outdoor information, including education, on the Web at Kalkomey.com. It’s well worth checking out.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Time to make your final preparations

    With 21 days until archery deer season opens, it’s time to step up your practice sessions and test your broadheads.

    While I shoot my hunting bow all year, the month before the season I try to take in some 3-D shoots and when I practice indoors or outdoors I use 3-D deer targets or paper deer targets as much as possible.

    The reason I shoot at deer targets exclusively is to ingrain in my mind where I want to aim on a real deer when the opportunity presents itself.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Scattered deer deaths reported

    Several people in Indiana and Kentucky have reported finding dead deer, and there is a suspicion the cause may be EHD (epizootic hemorrhagic disease).

    About 20 dead deer were found recently in west-central Indiana, and there also have been some reports from readers related to western Kentucky and southern Illinois.

    Some of the Indiana deer have been examined by state wildlife officials, but at the time of this writing, no official cause of death had been reported, although EHD is suspected.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Who can shoot a bow?

    We get asked quite often what age is a good time to get my son or daughter started in archery.

    Best answer is probably if you are shooting and your kids are watching and interested, it’s time!

    Our granddaughter Hannah started shooting a compound bow when she was 19 months old; she’s 6 1/2 years old now and still shooting.

    When she first started, we had to put the arrow on the string and she would put her tiny fingers around the string and cables, but it wasn’t long before she understood to put her fingers around only the string.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Drought may impact squirrels

    Squirrel season is almost here, and despite the heat and drought there should be plenty of squirrels to hunt.

    Kentucky’s season opens Aug. 18 and runs through Nov. 9. Then it will close for a couple days before reopening Nov. 12 and continuing through Feb. 28 of next year.

    The Kentucky daily squirrel limit is six with a possession limit of 12.

    Squirrel populations are dependent on a number of factors, however two keys include weather and mast (nut) availability. The nut crop one year impacts the population the following year. 

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Quality mid-priced arrows will do the trick

    Writing about arrows is a tough subject. With arrows being made from wood, aluminum, carbon and a combination of carbon and aluminum, it seems like there is an endless selection to choose from.

    We carry about 10 different types of arrows from four different manufacturers, and normally have about 40 dozen arrows in the shop at all times.

    How do you choose the arrow that is going to work best for you?

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Beat the heat — stream fish

    While we’ve had a bit of a respite from sizzlin’ summer heat, we still have plenty of hot weather ahead before the cooler days of autumn arrive. 

    Fishing action slows during the hot days of summer, and this year we have had more than our share. Most fish don’t feed as aggressively during hot days, and anglers slow down as well. Few people want to sit in the hot sun and fish.

  • Hunting experience about more than bagging a buck

    Sometimes I wonder how to inspire young archers to take up and enjoy bowhunting.

    When I started bowhunting in the middle 1970s, it was almost impossible to even see a deer. Since my first successful bowhunt in 1979, 1 have had the privilege to bow hunt in Colorado, Wyoming, Ontario and Quebec Canada as well as here at home in Kentucky.

    The thing that keeps me excited heading into the outdoors is I never know what I’m going to see or encounter.

  • Bill wins again and dry weather

    They did it again. Pro angler Bill Braswell from Hazard and his partner, Dan Dannenmueller of Wetumpka, Ala., won the Crappie Master “Angler Team of the Year” award. They also won the award in 2011.
    Braswell is a retired Kentucky conservation officer and has become one of the country’s top crappie anglers.
    Bill and Dan comprise the Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits pro staff team and concluded the 2012 Crappie Masters tournament season and secured their victory following the recent event at Truman Lake, MO.