• STRAIGHT ARROW: Make it a family outing

    This time of year is one of the best times to get into your hunting area and scout. If the weather is good, it’s a great opportunity to get the entire family outdoors to get some fresh air and to teach the kids about the deer and turkeys we love to see and hunt.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Big cat stories stir interest

    People long have heard and told stories of big cats — call them mountain lions, cougars, panthers or whatever one calls them. To many people they are very real.

    A recent column I wrote about the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife’s effort to study bobcats and their habits prompted an interesting e-mail from a reader, John Blevins, who lives near Bardstown.

    “I enjoyed the article on bobcats, have you ever thought of doing an article on big cat sightings in Kentucky?” wrote John.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Look at the sky

    On my way home Tuesday as I turned south on U.S. 31E at about 5:20 p.m., I was thrilled when I saw nearly 100 buzzards all in flight near Barton’s distillery.

    While I’ve seen this number of buzzards before, what really caught my attention was that all of the birds were soaring and circling. The sky in the background was a gorgeous blue with thin white clouds. As I drove past I wish I could have taken more time to watch this rare, beautiful spectacle.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Bobcats studied in Ky.

    Few people ever see a Kentucky bobcat. However, it may be surprising to many folks that annually, more than 2,000 of the animals are harvested by hunting and trapping.

    Now, KDFWR biologists hope a study at the Green River wildlife area will lead to additional information about these wary furbearers.

    Bobcats are found from border to border and are gray to brown in coloration. They are about twice the size of a domestic cat and adult males are usually from 14-40 pounds. Their stubby tail leads to their name, bobcat.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Should you buy a bow off the Internet?

    If you are an experienced archer and know what your draw length is and what pound pull bow you can shoot, then you could get a bow online that would fit you. 

    However, until you shoot that particular bow you won’t know how it will feel to you.

    By this I mean the balance of the bow — the mass weight — and to me the most important thing is the draw cycle of the bow. Does the bow draw nice and smooth, or is it hard to draw most of the way back, then in a bit of a rough jerky motion rolls over to full draw?

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Thank those who let you hunt and fish

    As hunting seasons come to a close and a new year is underway, now is a good time to thank the landowner where you hunt, fish, or hike and enjoy the outdoors.

    Nearly all of the land in Kentucky and Indiana is privately owned, so a significant amount of the state’s outdoor recreation takes place on land owned by an individual or business.

    Recently, I came across a story about the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department’s Landowner Relations Program.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Tuning your bow

    Last week I had a couple customers come in wanting to paper tune their bows, but one fellow said he didn’t want to move his arrow rest.

    He shot the bow and had about an inch and a half low left tear. I checked the height of the rest on the riser and that looked OK. I moved the string loop and he shot again.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Hit the sports shows

    Winter has already been colder, snowier and nastier than all of last year, yet there probably is nearly two months of disagreeable weather ahead.

    Sure, you can work on organizing your tackle boxes (doesn’t everyone have more than one?}, or read a good book while the snow and wind blow outdoors. Football season is over, so what’s an outdoorsman to do? Outdoor sports shows can provide an escape for a few of those days, and be a nice winter break.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: The end is near

    With Christmas and New Year’s fading past it seems like 2013 is off to an incredibly fast start for us.

    Bonnie and I have been to two archery trade shows trying to stay up on what’s new, what’s hot and tons of information about all this equipment that we can pass on to our customers. To say it has been mind-boggling would be an understatement!

    On top of all this I started feeling bad right after leaving the trade show last Wednesday and wound up with the flu.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: A pro's perspective on winter fishing

    Former Bassmaster Classic champion Alton Jones has some surprising thoughts when it comes to winter bass fishing.

    Surprisingly, Jones ranks winter as one of his favorite seasons of the year to catch bass, because he can literally fish top to bottom with two of his favorite lures, surface plugs and deep-diving crankbaits. These lures aren’t normally associated with cold weather fishing, but the Yamaha Pro has been catching winter bass with them for years.