• Culvertown 3D Archery shoots continue through August

    The 3-D shoot last Saturday went very well, and I wanted to give my readers some idea of what it takes to pull off one these events.

    Our day goes something like this: My son, Eric, pulls one trailer while I pull another to the Culvertown Ballpark at 5:30 a.m., where we meet my nephew, Tyler Culver.

  • Outdoor Tales: Time spent with dad is important

    Father’s Day always brings back memories of my Dad. 

    Honestly, I don’t remember a gift or a card, but I do remember my dad.

    Although my father passed away when I was in my early 20s,, thinking of Father’s Day still brings fond memories of the many good times we had in the outdoors, and the things I learned from dad.

    He primarily was a fisherman. He hunted, but back in those days, the hunting was limited where I grew up in East Central Illinois. There were squirrels and rabbits, but no deer or turkey.

  • Looking for something new? Try 3-D archery

    On Saturday, June 15, a 3-D archery shoot is scheduled at the Culvertown Ballpark, and anyone who is interested in shooting is welcome to come out and participate.

    The shoot Saturday will have 30 targets — anything from bear to deer, elk and sheep — in as close to lifelike settings as we can possibly do.

    Shots for men will be out to 40 yards. Women, traditional shooters and youths ages 13-16 will shoot out to 25 yards. Cubs, 12 and younger, and anyone shooting a Genesis bow will shoot out to 15 yards.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Followup needed for some hunter ed students

    Many people assume that if a person took a hunter education course, that a strong interest in hunting and a further pursuit of the hobby would follow. But that isn’t necessarily the case.

    Filled classrooms at hunter safety courses are a good thing, but perhaps more important is the number of students that actually participate in hunting after they graduate.  

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Try this trail

    There is a 3.2-mile hiking trail that winds its way around the beautiful 140-acre Fagan Branch Lake.

    There are a couple of islands on the lake that are covered with trees — mostly pines. If you hike the east side of this trail early in the morning as the fog is rolling off the water, with the sun just climbing over the horizon, geese honking and flying in and out of the foggy mist, it reminds me of some of the places I have bowhunted for black bear in Canada.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Early morning

    Every weekday I head for work by 7 a.m., and I am rewarded with one of the most beautiful times of the day. I’ve been driving to work in Bardstown for 40 years, and every day I am fascinated with the sunrises that God creates for us to see. Sometimes I think God must be the best artist ever to mix all the different colors that are included in the early-morning sky.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Fishing hook terminology translated

    Understanding the size of a fishhook isn’t as simple and obvious as it seems.

    Well, it really is pretty simple if you understand the terminology and rules. There are many different sizes and shapes, so it is important to get it right when ordering hooks or having someone pick up a package for you at the bait store.

    My friend T.J. Stallings at Diachi Hooks says anglers often are confused over hook size. He recently wrote about hooks in his blog.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Summer months

    With turkey season over and archery deer season four months away, what’s a bow hunter to do?

    I’ve been getting a lot of guys in who are reporting seeing a lot of gars and some carp on the lakes while they are fishing. Several guys were going to go bow fishing, but I haven’t had any back in to report on their trips.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Friends, old and new

    This time of year things slow down a little in the archery shop and I can spend more time getting to know new customers and help them get their equipment set up and learn how to shoot properly. Ultimately, we become friends.

    We have several customers who have been coming to the shop for nearly 30 years. When they get a chance they stop in to see how things are going and sometimes we may get to talk for up to an hour and catch up on everything old friends talk about, from how the kids are doing, in what sports the kids are participating and how their hunting has been going.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Big Oaks wildlife refuge open for public use

    Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Indiana recently opened to public use. It’s an old military testing ground facility now benefiting wildlife.

    For the public, Big Oaks offers hunting, fishing, bird-watching and more. An area in the northeast section of the refuge is available for public day use, and additional acreage around the facility is open during hunting seasons.