• OUTDOOR TALES: Doves plentiful for early season

    Summer has been racing past, and September already is appearing on the calendar. Squirrel season already is open, and with the first of the month mourning dove season starts.

    And from most indications, this could be a good dove hunting season in Kentucky and Indiana. Doves available for the first part of the season are primarily local birds, while most of the migratory doves will arrive later.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Bow season finally opens Saturday

    It’s been a long wait, but opening day of the archery deer season is finally here, and even after 40-plus years of bowhunting and climbing into a treestand every opening morning for all those years, I’m sure tonight will be a long restless, sleepless night.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Use caution as deer season opens

    With archery deer season only a week away, more hunters are getting in the field doing last-minute scouting, freshening up their mineral licks, putting up or checking treestands and checking photos on their trail cameras.

    This time of year, each time we go afield we expose ourselves to several different little pests, and it seems like these problems are getting worse and more dangerous for us humans.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Late summer is the time to catch big catfish

    Summer 2016 has been a bit unusual. That’s an unscientific observation. The Weather Bureau might not agree.

    While some Kentuckiana areas have seen lots of rain, others have been relatively dry. Some have been hot and humid, and other less so.

    Anyway, mid-to-late summer is usually the hottest part of the summer, and that is a time when fishing for most species is slow. However, catfish are a different story. Especially for catfish in the Ohio River and its tributaries.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Good outlook for deer season

    While hot summer days are still with us, squirrel-hunting season is underway, dove season is nearly here, and deer season is rapidly approaching.

    And, for deer hunters, there is good news. Another season of excellent hunting is predicted by the biologists and managers at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

    Officials not only are thinking about this deer season, but they also are seeking hunter input about the future.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Practice being perfect in bowhunting

    As bowhunters, it is our ethical responsibility to be as efficient as humanly possible with the weapon of our choice, the bow and arrow.

    To do this requires a lot of practice with your equipment, and it has to be good practice. Not just shooting a lot of arrows without paying attention to the small details that go into making a good shot.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Squirrel season rapidly approaching

    Here it is again — the hottest part of summer. And, the first hunting season of late summer and fall opens in a few days.

    Most people still are thinking about swimming, boating, catfishing, and hoping their air conditioner makes it to cooler weather. However, some squirrel hunters are getting their gear and themselves ready to take to the woods.

    Squirrel season opens Monday in Kentucky, and continues through Nov. 11, closes for a couple of days, then reopens Nov. 14 and continues through Feb. 28 of next year.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Are you ready for opening day?

    It is only three weeks until opening day of the 2016 archery deer season, and we are swamped at the archery shop with men and women archers getting their equipment ready.

    With it being so hot lately, a lot of bowhunters are just starting to shoot their bows, and they are finding a few problems that need to be repaired.

  • OUTDOOR TALES: Once disdained, alligator gar may make comeback

    Alligator gar swam the streams of the Midwest for thousands of years, probably millions of years. Now they are gone.

    Also, for years when alligator gar were found, they were considered “trash” or nuisance fish. However, today some people, especially fisheries biologists and managers, would like to have them back in Midwestern rivers. Today, you have to travel to southern states to find them.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: A bow for the kids

    Wouldn’t you like to find a bow that your kid could start shooting at the age of 6-8 years old?

    One simple enough that you can adjust the draw length without a bow press, and by removing one screw on each cam and rotating the modular to the well-marked draw length setting of your choice, and then re-installing the screws you are done.

    Next, wouldn’t it be nice if that same bow would adjust from 15- to 52-pound pull, or from 13 to 70 pounds, just by adjusting the two limb bolts?