• STRAIGHT ARROW: Turkey hunting at Wendell Ford Regional Training Center

    On Sunday, April 8, at a week-late Easter get-together with my side of the family, the subject of turkey hunting came up.

    Two of my brothers and two of my nephews had hunted at the Wendell Ford Training Center the Saturday before, and my brothers — one retired, one active duty — were going back the following Monday to hunt for three days before that activity would be shut down for a week and a half while about 1,700 soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell came on base for training.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: The spring youth turkey season

    The 2018 season opened Saturday, and my granddaughter, Hannah, had been anxiously looking forward to her third turkey season. So regardless of the snowstorm in the forecast, Eric and I planned to take her to Hart County for opening morning.

    I was up at 5 a.m. Saturday, and my truck was covered in snow. Hannah and Eric arrived 20 minutes later, and we loaded a chainsaw and fuel, oil and tools in Eric’s truck in case we had any trees down from last week’s storms. We were on the road by 5:30.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: The beauty of a rainy trip to Eastern Ky.

    Last Wednesday I made a delivery trip to Eastern Kentucky. It was raining when I left Bardstown, and it continued to rain all day. It just varied in intensity.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: A road trip to West Virginia

    At 5:30 on the morning of March 17, I was already on my way to the little town of Crown Hill, W.Va., to make a deliver to a heavy equipment company there.

    I was near Mount Sterling before the sun started peeking over the horizon, and it was kind of miserable driving directly at the sun for the next two hours before it climbed high enough in the sky that it wasn’t blinding. I stopped for fuel near Charleston, and when I got out of the truck I realized the temperature was a bit colder than it had been when I left home.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Scouting, looking for antlers, and a nice hike

    After spending all day Saturday at a NASP tournament, I was ready for a change of pace, even for only a couple of hours. So when I got up Sunday morning to an overcast sky, I checked the weather, and with no rain in the forecast, I decided I would make a trip to one of my favorite hunting spots and go for a hike.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Muscle memory for the archer

    For an archer, regardless of what form you participate in, whether it be National Archery in the Schools Program, target archery, 3-D or bowhunting, we all strive to shoot our best, and this takes a lot of practice. Well, it really takes a lot of perfect practice.

    Since I have been helping some of the NASP archers who have been having problems, I can watch them and see what they are doing wrong. I have been trying to figure out why a kid who was shooting in the 270s one year might see their scores plummet when they start shooting the next year.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: NASP archers and target panic

    Here lately I have been working with more of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) archers. Some are being sent by their coaches who have their hands full just working with the number of kids they have participating in the sport, and have trouble giving enough individual attention to those having problems.

    It seems a lot of kids — actually most archers — reach a peak, and then all of a sudden their scores fall off and they start struggling. Almost all problems are related to target panic.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: NASP 5th Region tourney a big event

    The kids competing in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) in the 5th Region converged on Taylor County Middle School in Campbellsville last weekend for the largest tournament in our region’s history.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Plan now for a successful Western fall hunt

    If you have any thoughts of doing a bowhunt in one of our Western states, now is a good time to start planning for these hunts, because locating a place to hunt and the procedure of buying or applying for a permit all take research and time.

    First, is there a particular big-game species that you would like to hunt? Once you decide on the species, talk to anyone you know who has hunted that species in the past, and get any pointers they can give you about where to go and even how to bowhunt that species.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Buyers beware

    Last week I ran into a couple of disturbing instances that I would like to share, and hopefully help other archers avoid these problems.

    The first: I got a call from a local coach whose team was having problems with a Vapor Trail dropaway rest. The timing rope on this rest attaches to the upper limb, and as you draw the bow, the rest comes up. They were having problems with it not coming up, even after properly adjusting the timing.