• STRAIGHT ARROW: A trip to the zoo with the grandkids

    Last Wednesday, Bonnie and I decided to take all three granddaughters — Hannah, 12, Lilly, 6, and Haylee, 3 — to the Louisville Zoo.

    We knew we were going to be outnumbered, but figured we could handle it. The girls were looking forward to the trip. They enjoy seeing the animals, love to ride the train, and took their swimsuits to play and cool down at the Papa John’s Splash Park after walking around for a while.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Bowfishing can keep you shooting through the spring and summer

    Deer season has been closed for about four months now, and turkey season has been over for a couple of weeks, so do you just hang up your bow and wait for the next three and a half months for deer season to open again, or find something else to hunt?

    I’ll be the first to admit I would much rather hunt deer than fish, but bowfishing is a great way to keep your muscles in shape, and walking along the river or a lake bank probably won’t hurt any of us.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: A road trip

    After a long season of NASP tournaments and three weeks of turkey hunting, Bonnie and I decided to take a road trip vacation. We decided to head east into West Virginia, Virginia and then south to Tennessee and finally home.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: A successful week hunting

    After the first week of the season was a bust for me, and with rain on Monday, April 23, and a dentist appointment the next day, it was April 25 before I got another chance to hunt again.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: More about our 2018 turkey hunting

    After Hannah had taken her second turkey on Saturday, April 14, and with heavy rain coming in for the next couple of days, Eric and I talked about where to hunt on the next morning.

    We both thought if it was raining hard that a box blind we had built for the girls would be a good choice. It overlooked a big food plot, would be easy to get into and be a dry, comfortable place to hunt. I told Eric to go ahead and hunt it if he wanted to. I could hunt almost every day if I wanted to and really didn’t want to hunt in the rain.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Turkey season opening day

    On the evening of Friday the 13th, Eric and I discussed our plans for the next morning, the opening day of statewide spring turkey season.

    Hannah had one tag left, and when Eric asked me if I would be interested in taking her and hunting from a blind. I jumped at the chance to spend the morning hunting with my granddaughter. This also gave Eric a chance to move around, and if he heard a bird gobbling, he could go to it, set up, and try to call the gobbler in, while Hannah and I were confined to one spot.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Turkey hunting at Wendell Ford Regional Training Center

    On Sunday, April 8, at a week-late Easter get-together with my side of the family, the subject of turkey hunting came up.

    Two of my brothers and two of my nephews had hunted at the Wendell Ford Training Center the Saturday before, and my brothers — one retired, one active duty — were going back the following Monday to hunt for three days before that activity would be shut down for a week and a half while about 1,700 soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell came on base for training.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: The spring youth turkey season

    The 2018 season opened Saturday, and my granddaughter, Hannah, had been anxiously looking forward to her third turkey season. So regardless of the snowstorm in the forecast, Eric and I planned to take her to Hart County for opening morning.

    I was up at 5 a.m. Saturday, and my truck was covered in snow. Hannah and Eric arrived 20 minutes later, and we loaded a chainsaw and fuel, oil and tools in Eric’s truck in case we had any trees down from last week’s storms. We were on the road by 5:30.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: The beauty of a rainy trip to Eastern Ky.

    Last Wednesday I made a delivery trip to Eastern Kentucky. It was raining when I left Bardstown, and it continued to rain all day. It just varied in intensity.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: A road trip to West Virginia

    At 5:30 on the morning of March 17, I was already on my way to the little town of Crown Hill, W.Va., to make a deliver to a heavy equipment company there.

    I was near Mount Sterling before the sun started peeking over the horizon, and it was kind of miserable driving directly at the sun for the next two hours before it climbed high enough in the sky that it wasn’t blinding. I stopped for fuel near Charleston, and when I got out of the truck I realized the temperature was a bit colder than it had been when I left home.