• Test your broadhead and arrow combo

    One thing that new bowhunters don’t realize if it is not explained to them is to test shoot their hunting arrows with their chosen broadhead on to make sure that they fly good together.

  • Bowhunters should check their equipment

    We have several customers getting ready for bowhunting trips to Colorado, Wyoming and other western states to hunt elk, mule deer and antelope.

    Out west, most archery seasons open about Aug. 15, so it’s less than a month before these guys head west. When you hunt the western states, you have to make sure your equipment is in top working order, because you could be 200 miles to the closest place that could repair your bow.

  • Climbing Little Bear in 2001

    By Gene Culver

    After our climb on Mount Wilson on July 3, 2001, we first made our way to Cortez in southwestern Colorado, where we got a good night’s rest. The next day, July 4, we moved on to Pagosa Springs, where we just did what regular tourists do, hanging out in town, eating a lot better than we do in the mountains, checking out the shops in town and going to see the fireworks display late that evening.

  • Two hard days of bowhunting

    I had made arrangements to take a couple of days off work to bowhunt during the week before the gun deer season opened on Saturday.

    I kept a close watch on the weather, and the first day I chose to hunt was Tuesday, Nov. 6. Before I decided what stand I would hunt, I checked the wind direction and was excited that Eric in the last week had seen two shooter bucks near the stand that would be best to hunt with the wind direction that morning.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Sighting in your bow a must

    Setting the sight on your bow is something every archer has to do, and while it’s not rocket science, it can be frustrating, time-consuming and intimidating to someone new to the sport.

    Before you start adjusting, the top pin on your sight is always set for the closest distance, normally 10 or 20 yards, your personal preference. Each additional pin below that one will usually be set in 10-yard increments. For example, if your sight has three pins and you hunt thick cover, I would set the pins at 10, 20 and 30 yards.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Bowhunting opportunities are available in the preseason

    The archery deer season always opens on the first Saturday in September, so this year it will open on Sept. 1.

    Once the archery season opens, a bowhunter can pursue his passion of hunting with a bow and arrow in pursuit of the whitetail deer every day through Jan. 21, 2019. That’s a whole lot (143 days) of bowhunting opportunity.

    I know that we are already less than a month away from opening day, and the intensity of things in the archery shop tells me that a lot more archers are just as excited about the upcoming season as I am.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Will our collectibles be as beloved to our offspring?

    As humans, I think we all have a tendency to collect things. As kids, it was rocks, marbles and shells that I remember the boys kept, and for my sisters, it was dolls.

    As we get out on our own and have a home to furnish, we may find an item we like and then start to collect similar items, sets or series of collectibles because we enjoy seeing the beauty of them, and maybe with the hope of an increase in value over time.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: A quote from Fred Bear, inspirational archer

    Fred Bear was the founder of the Bear Archery Company and considered by many to be the Father of Modern Archery.

    During the 1970s, Fred Bear’s hunting adventures were being shown on TV and they were very inspirational to me as a young bowhunter.

    Bonnie and I started the Bent Arrow Archery Shop in 1978 after meeting and being inspired by a pro staff shooter who worked for Bear Archery, and two years later at an archery show in West Virginia I was privileged to meet my hero, Fred Bear.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: How can we retain and recruit new hunters?

    According to the Archery Trade Association (ATA), the number of hunters across the country is on a decline and fish and wildlife agencies and the ATA are trying to figure out why the decline is occurring and how to retain and recruit more hunters.

    The reasons for the decline seem to be older hunters give up on the sport of hunting, either because of a lack of a place to hunt or for health reasons, and fewer people are taking up the challenge of hunting.

  • STRAIGHT ARROW: Summertime preparations for bow season

    As spring quickly turned into summer and we anticipate the fall bow season, there are some chores that still need to be taken care of.

    Back in February and March, we checked and adjusted stands and freshened mineral licks, so now our main project is mowing our ladino clover food plots, spraying weed killer, trimming limbs that overhang the trails and roads, and road maintenance. And maybe add a couple of treestands.