• GOLF: Local scene vibrant thanks to area women’s leagues

    Drive by My Old Kentucky Home Golf Course on a Tuesday night and you’re sure to see them.

    Or there is another group at Cedar-Fil on Wednesday evening.

    If those times don’t fit into your schedule, several more can be found at Maywood on Thursday just past 9 a.m.

    Another large contingent shows up every other Saturday at either OKH or Lincoln Homestead.

    The women golfers of Nelson County.

  • GOLF: Local League Results

    Jack and Jill Couples League
    Scratch Flight:
    First place: Mouse Culver/Sue Rogers and Richie Parkerson/Jenny Parkerson (tied with 16.5 points)
    Hook Flight:  
    First place: Joe B. Yates/Susie Yates and Ron Shagool/Colette Shagool (tied with 20 points)
    Slice Flight
    First place: Jamie Dugan/Cheryl Hutchins (22 points)
    First place: Andy Royalty/Mary Royalty (21 points)
    Low gross: Derek Simpson (sub)/Mary Royalty (3-under par 68)

  • TEE TIME: Tournament could determine the top golfer in Nelson County

    The Champion Golfer of the Year.

    That’s what you’ll hear on Sunday when they introduce the winner of The Open Championship at Royal Birkdale.

    And it’s what you may hear next year if there is enough interest from local golfers to have a tournament to determine the top golfer in Nelson County.

    You might remember, and it hurts my feelings if you don’t, a few years back in one of my columns I broached the idea of such an event.

  • Golf News and Results

    Golf News

    A pair of local youngsters captured the top spots in their respective divisions to advance to the next round of the DriveChip&Putt contest.

    Madison Borders easily won the girls 12-13 age group with 136 points. Her closest competition managed only 108.

    Nicholas Osborne was the best in the boys 10-11 category with his 142 points. The next best in his group had 116.

  • TEE TIME: Swapping stories part of golf’s allure

    There can be a lot of down time on a golf course, when, unfortunately, the course is so crowded and you’re having to wait to hit each shot.

    It happens even more so when the number of teams participating in a scramble is greater than the course can actually accommodate.

    However, I find those moments can be a lot of fun, as a group will sit next to one another in their carts, telling stories, many that can’t be repeated in a family newspaper.

  • GOLF: Local League Results

    Joe Benny Dickerson League at Cedar-Fil
    First place: Rick Meyer/Mary Jo Meyer (12.5 points)
    Second: Brian Johnson/Jane Thomas (11.5)
    Third: Larry Rogers/George Greenwell (10)
    Fourth: N.A. Filiatreau/Carl Beeler and Rollie Stevens/Greg Stevens (tied with 9.5)
    Low gross: Charlie Hayes (2-under par 34)
    Low net: Bodie Metcalfe (31)
    Closest to the hole: N.A. Filiatreau

    Maywood Men’s League

    Augusta Division

  • TEE TIME: ‘Playing it safe’ and ‘playing to lose’ not the same

    Lurking under what many would consider my brash façade is a very sensitive person.

    Yes, to the surprise to many of you, I have feelings, and they were crushed recently by some people I thought were my closest friends.

    It was just over a week ago and I was talking to my so-called friends about my final round in the J.B. Holmes Invitational Tournament at the Campbellsville Country Club.

    They laughed at me.

    Not with me, mind you, but at me.

    Let me explain.

  • TEE TIME: Youth golfers setting good examples

    The future of this great game is in good hands despite the loss of Tiger Woods on the PGA tour.

    And why not?

    Many of the top golfers in the game are under the age of 30.

    Think Jordan and Jason and Justin.

    Rory and Rickie.

    Likewise, the future of golf in Kentucky is also in good hands.

    I know.

    I’ve seen it up close.

    Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of working several events on the Musselman-Kirchdorfer Golf Tour.

    And what fun it is.


    Local League Results

    Joe Benny Dickerson League at Cedar-Fil

    First place: Rick Meyer/Mary Jo Meyer (11.5 points)

    Second: N.A. Filiatreau/Carl Beeler, Brian Johnson/Jane Thomas, and Larry Rogers/George Greenwell (tied with 9)

    Low gross: Rob Pitts, George Greenwell, Charlie Hayes, Beau Shackleford (tied with 37)

    Low net: Joann Filiatreau (31)

    Closest to the hole: Tom Roby


    Boone’s Butcher Shop Morning League

  • GOLF: McMillen aging like fine wine on the course

    Have game.

    Will travel.

    Bardstown golfer Fred McMillen hasn’t had a need for business cards since he retired from his position as vice president of Barton Brands over a decade ago.

    However, he might want to use those words should he decide to go to a local print shop to order some.

    The true test of a golfer’s ability is not the scores he shoots on his home course but how he can maneuver his way around an unfamiliar one.