• TEE TIME: Competition and cameraderie on the course

    “A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at the office.”

    How many times have we uttered those words when taking a day off from work to play in a golf outing?

    Whoever came up with that saying wasn’t walking a mile in my shoes during my three days of competing in the Georgia Senior Invitational Tournament.

    And I use the word competing lightly.

  • THE 71st BOURBON OPEN: Golfers fight with wet conditions


    Contributing Writer

    Golf, bourbon, and rain — this year’s Bourbon Open Tournament had its fair share of all three. Despite the overcast weather, golfers and bourbon drinkers came from all over Kentucky in droves to partake in the annual event, reaching an estimated 400 participants.

  • TEE TIME: Burba’s honor just in time for Open

    It was a coincidence — albeit a fitting one — that as I was tossing ideas around in my head about a topic to write about for Bourbon Open week I would get an email from Pikey Conway that the Old Kentucky Home Country men’s league has changed its name to the OKH Randall Burba Golf League.

    It’s a tribute to a man who has devoted much of his life to promoting golf, the club, and the Bourbon Open.

  • GOLF: Bourbon Open returns this week

    The 71st Bourbon Open Golf Tournament gets underway on Thursday at My Old Kentucky Golf Course, and as usual, hundreds of golfers have already registered to play in Kentucky’s longest running golf tournament.

    Tournament director Andy Meredith noted that many of the golfers are returnees, coming from all across the country, including Washington State, Arizona, Florida and Ohio.

    He says there are still tee times available for others who may be considering playing and partaking of the good times at the country club.

  • TEE TIME: Club alterations should be handled with great care

    Golfers are a finicky bunch.

    Like most in today’s world, we look for instant gratification and will try the latest and greatest invention that will enable us to knock those last few strokes off of our score.

    We put weighted tape on a club (guilty), we cut the length off for more accuracy (guilty), we change the loft on the driver (guilty) before we play, because it’s a penalty to change a club during a round, and some of us buy the anti-slice driver that is advertised on those all-night infomercials (not guilty of this one).

  • GOLF: Maywood plays host to U.S. Open qualifier

    Cooper Musselman fired a 5-under-par 67 to capture the top spot in the U.S. Open qualifying round held at Maywood on Monday.

    The Louisville golfer carded five birdies and a single bogey in moving on to the next round of play.

    He will be joined by Ryan Botts of Lebanon, Tenn., Ashton VanHorne of Georgetown and Tyler McDaniel of Manchester, each of whom shot a 68. Eric Ansett (Spokane, Wash.) and Jessie Massie (Louisville) each shot a 69.

    Massie is the only professional among the six.

  • GOLF: Local league results

    Local league results

    Maywood Men’s League

    Augusta Division

    First place: Troy Adams/Wes Thompson and Tommie Hurst/Chad Riggs (tied with 2.5 points)

    Second: Kevin Mattingly/Damien Ulrich, Stephen Ewing/John Kutch, and Corey Hall/Andy Meredith (tied with 2)


    Pebble Beach Division

    First place: Nevin Baker/Dan Hicks and Scott Deopere/Rob Farrell (tied with 3 points

    Second: Jeff Brown/Scott Kindervarter (2.5)

  • TEE TIME: Bardstown a key stop on Ky golf circuit

    Bardstown’s central location has been a key reason the local golf courses have been able to attract so many tournaments over the years.

    Whether it is at the junior level through the Pepsi Tour and the Musselman-Dunne Tour, or the amateur tournaments from the Bluegrass Amateur Series or the GolfWeek tour, golfers from throughout Kentucky annually experience the challenges of Maywood and My Old Kentucky Home.

  • GOLF: Local league results

    Maywood Stableford Tourney

    First place: John Tandy (14 points)

    Second: Chad Riggs (13)

    Third: Rob Farrell and Pat Disponett (tied with 11)


    Ky. Golf Association

    at Nevel

    Senior gross flight

    Fifth place: Tommy Reddick (76)


    Golfweek Amateur Tour

    at Houston Oaks

    Senior A flight

    First place: Willie Edelen (81)

  • TEE TIME: Leave it better than you found it

    Leave the course in better shape than you found it

    This column has run before, but with more golfers heading to the course as the weather improves, I think it bears repeating.

    I’ve added some thoughts on taking care of the golf course, thoughts that were ingrained in me from a man who taught me how to appreciate the beauty of a well-maintained golf course.

    To get to the first tee at the Lebanon Country Club, a golfer must pass by a plaque under a flagpole that has the following inscription: