• Golf news, notes and local league results for July 15

    R.J. Farrell finished third in the boys’ U10 flight in a Kentucky PGA Junior Tour tournament at the Golf Courses of Kenton County.

    Xander Tucker finished third in the boys’ 11-12 flight in last week’s Kentucky PGA Junior Tour event at the Gay Brewer Jr. Golf Course in Lexington.

  • TEE TIME: Barbasol event gives fans a chance to watch the pros up close next week

    It is not the Ryder Cup.

    It is not the PGA.

    Heck, it is not even the Senior PGA.

    Here’s hoping, though, Kentucky golf fans will show interest and support next week’s Barbasol Championship at Keene’s Trace.

    History shows they will as they flocked to Lexington when the city was a regular stop on the Senior PGA Tour, first at Griffin Gate Marriott and later at Kearney Hills.

    Even with the Open Championship being contested at Carnoustie, there will be a strong field in Lexington for the Barbasol Championship.

  • GOLF NEWS AND NOTES: Rizer bags 2nd career hole-in-one


    Joan Rizer got her second career hole-in-one June 30 when she hit a 119-yard wedge shot into the cup on the fifth hole at Maywood.

    Jo Matthew, Bonita McMillen and Jane Roby witnessed the shot.

    Patricia Briney finished seventh in the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour event last week at Moss Hill Golf Course in Versailles.

    Madison Borders’ 167 total (83-84) was good enough to tie for fourth in the U.S. Kids Red White and Blue Invitational in North Carolina.

  • GOLF: McCrorey making waves on Ky. junior golf scene

    She will never be mistaken for that masked man but, nevertheless, she had area golf coaches wanting to know the identity of the girl from Bardstown who has been making a name for herself on the junior golf circuit this year.

    Caroline McCrorey has racked up a pair of wins to go along with several top 10 finishes, while playing on some very competitive tours.

  • TEE TIME: Golf can open doors for kids who struggle in team sports environments

    Kids can be pretty cruel to one another.

    Well, from the lack of civility in our country today, adults can be as well.

    Perhaps the young people are imitating the supposed-be-models too closely.

    When I watch some youth sporting events, it breaks my heart to see a child go into a shell or burst into tears and ultimately quit a sport because his teammates made fun of him or her, taking the fun out of what should be a great experience.

    Unfortunately, not everyone can be a Tiger Woods or LeBron James or Tom Brady.

  • GOLF: Local news, notes and results

    Turin Duber has had an extraordinary week of competitive action.

    He had rounds of 41-37 (78) to walk away with the title of the boys’ U10 flight of the Kentucky PGA Junior Amateur championship held Wednesday and Thursday at Maywood.

    Duber had finished second in an event in Bowling Green on Monday, losing the championship in sudden death.

    He was also one of two local teams to capture first place in last Saturday’s statewide Adult-Child Golf Tournament at Maywood.

  • TEE TIME: How well do you know the rules of golf?

    The rules of golf can often work to a golfer’s advantage.

    Jordan Spieth used them to get an advantageous but legal drop after that horrendous tee shot on the 13th hole en route to winning the 2017 Open Championship.

    However, there are times the rules don’t seem quite fair.

    You’ve hit a shot just a few feet away from the green, but still close enough that you think you can putt it. That is, until you notice a sprinkler head between your ball and the cup.

    No, you cannot take one club relief to get a direct shot to the cup.

  • Golf news and notes

    Congratulations to Mouse Culver!

    He aced the 16th hole at OKH last Saturday.

    According to a report, he hit a hybrid from 207 yards to the left of the hole but it kicked right and went in.

    Bard Wise and Logan Culver witnessed the shot.

    Turin Duber fired a 3-over-par 39 to finish second in the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour tournament last Saturday at Wasioto Winds Golf Course.

    Madison Borders finished in a T-6 in the Kentucky PGA Junior Tour tournament on Monday at Boone Trace. She was seventh in Wednesday’s event at Gibson Bay.

  • Tee Time: Try this game with your regular foursome

    You walk to the first tee where you join your weekly playing partners.

    It’s the same discussion of a group trying to decide where to go eat.

    “Are we going to play low/total, wolf, or what today?” someone asked. “Are we changing partners every six holes, going low and high handicap as partners, or what’s the game?”

    That is what faced our group last Saturday morning when we were on the first tee at Persimmon Ridge.

    I’ve been around the block a few times and thought I was familiar with most games.

  • TEE TIME: A little bit of etiquette goes a long way on the links

    The political season is resting for a bit, but I am going to get on my soapbox today.

    I’ve got some pet peeves and I want to unload some of them.

    Earl Pitts said it best.

    The Southern redneck personality created by former disc jockey Gary Burbank, who gained fame through his radio work with WAKY and WHAS in Louisville and WLW in Cincinnati, had a penchant for saying, “Ya’ know what makes me sick?”