• Changes to rules require adaptation

    It has been an interesting year, what with the major overhaul of the rules of golf, the change in the tour schedule with the PGA moving from August to May, the revamped FedEx Cup playoff finale and much, much more.

  • Reinle gets first ace after decades-long wait

    It took more than 40 years of trying, but Johnny Reinle finally got that elusive hole-in-one.

    He aced the second hole at My Old Kentucky Home on July 20, knocking a 9-iron into the cup from 135 yards away.

    Jim Roby, Tom Hamilton and Bill Hardin witnessed the shot.

    Local league results

    Maywood Men’s League

    (results not updated)

    Jack and Jill Couples League

    First place: Tim Gilpin/Marie Barnes (18 points)

    Hook Division

    First place: Jamie Dugan/Cheryl Dugan (20)

  • Golfers question firing of Cox at MOKH

    The state’s busiest golf course has been without a full-time manager/professional on site since May 29, leaving local golfers unhappy with the firing of Steve Cox at My Old Kentucky Home and unsure as to what will happen next.

    Several of them, including some of whom worked at the course with Cox, are perplexed by the state’s decision, saying the LaRue County resident had things moving in the right direction.

    Cox said recently he was shocked at his dismissal.

  • You might not be as fast a player as you think you are

    By Dennis George

    A recent USGA survey showed that a large majority of golfers believe slow play is a major problem in the game.

    A recent USGA survey also showed that a majority of golfers believe they are fast players and they are not the cause of slow play.

    No, I did not type those two lines incorrectly.

    Yep, there is a problem, but I am not the problem, most golfers said.

    There is nothing worse than spending a miserable day of hitting a shot, waiting five minutes, and then hitting another shot.

  • Labor Day golfer
  • Duber wins Junior PGA event


    Eric Duncansen of Bardstown captured his fourth career Kentucky Special Olympics golf title by shooting a 43 at Elizabethtown Country Club on Aug. 26.

    He had previously won the event in 2013 through 2015.


    Meanwhile, Turin Duber shot a 38 to win the Kentucky Junior PGA Tour event at Quail 

    Chase Golf Club on Aug. 18. This was his eighth win this year and puts him in the running for Player of the Year honors in the fall series.


  • TEE TIME: Random thoughts

    Do you ever feel lazy?

    Is it one of the days or weeks when you don’t really feel like doing anything, or maybe, you don’t feel like concentrating on a job at hand?

    Welcome to my world.

    At least I’m being honest and up front and telling you I wasn’t sure what to write about this week, so I am going to do it the lazy way.

    But, hey, it isn’t always easy coming up with award-winning material week after week after week.

  • Golf news, notes and results

    Turin Duber captured first place in last Saturday’s Kentucky PGA Junior Tour tournament at Juniper Hills Golf Course. He shot a 38 to win the Boys 10U Flight.

    Xander Tucker was second in the Boys 11-12 division with a 43.


    Local League Results

    Joe Benny Dickerson Golf League at Cedar-Fil

    (rained out last week)

    First place: Brian Johnson/Jane Thomas (7.5 points)

    Second: John Hart/Aileen Stevens and Susanna Buscemi-Pitts/Bodie Metcalfe, (tied with 7)

  • TEE TIME: We’ve all played with this golfer before

    There’s always that guy.

    You know, the one person who always calls attention to himself, making some comment that has you shaking your head.

    Is there someone in your golf group who always does that?

    A year or two ago, I read about that type of person and made a copy of some of the things they do. I can’t remember the publication, but thought you might find it interesting.

    As you read over them, there’s no doubt you will think a guilty party.


    First tee excuse-making

  • GOLF: Judson an ever-present force in the OKH leagues

    Joe Judson does not give his playing companions lessons, but has been known to school those opponents during a round.

    Freddy Lyvers can attest to that.

    “I just shot my lowest round ever on the back nine (at OKH),” he said on Monday after firing an impressive 3-under-par 33. “It still wasn’t good enough.”

    That’s because Judson was even better with his 4-under-par 32.

    It can be said it was a typical round for Judson on the heels of his 4-under-par 32 and 5-under-par 31 just a week before.