• If you do not already have plans this Saturday, I recommend the Candlelight Tour of Homes.

    For those not familiar with the tour, it features 10 stops and is sponsored by the Stephen Foster Music Club. The funds from the self-guided tour benefit the club’s scholarship program.

  • When those charged with running the New Hope Food Bank noticed a number of home ware and clothing items being donated to the food bank, an item came forth.

    With donations already coming in, the New Hope area could benefit from a thrift store. After two years of planning, donations and work, the New Hope Thrift Store has opened its doors. Marilyn Nally will operate the store, which will offer household items, clothing and toys. Most clothing items are less than $5.

  • To the editor:

    Once more, I must take issue with The Kentucky Standard, this time over the headline someone put on my letter about The Standard’s editorial on the cell phone bill introduced by state Rep. David Floyd.

  • Bardstown City Schools recently received a perfect complement to its 100th anniversary. U.S. News & World Report awarded Bardstown High School a bronze medal in its “Best High Schools in America” list.

  • To the editor:

    Steven A. Wimsatt’s recent letter regarding gun control and Keene’s firearm sales deserves attention. First, the past Presidential election did not feature gun control “scare tactics” by Republicans. Factually, the Republican Party has been a strong force in keeping control legislation defeated. Liberal Democrats, however, such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and Richard Durbin, have consistently hindered or outright opposed Second Amendment rights.

  • To the editor:

    The editorial in the Friday, Dec. 5, issue of The Kentucky Standard is seemingly well reasoned, but a closer reading shows that this is not so.

    Let us take the following statement in the editorial: “one item cannot be banned unless all items are banned, and that is impossible.” Why is that impossible? One could cite numerous instances when one item is banned while another is not. Bourbon and marijuana are both mood-altering substances, for example, yet one is banned, the other not.

  • Five years ago when Julia Christensen came up with the idea of looking at what had happened in the wake of so-called “big box stores” closing or moving to larger quarters, she had no idea the concept would result in the publication of a book and widespread media attention.

  • It’s heartening when people band together to make sure community treasures stay vital. We are fortunate to have several such treasures — and many people devoted to guarding them — in Nelson County.

    One of our most well known gems is “Stephen Foster — The Musical,” which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. The lineup for next year’s season was just released, and it shows that the Stephen Foster Productions staff and board aren’t afraid to take chances to keep it successful.

  • I keep a partial list of international treaties that our country has not ratified so far.  

    My list includes:

    •Basel Convention, to limit trade of hazardous waste

    •Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) 1979. This treaty entered into force Dec. 22, 2000

    •Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) 1989

    •A treaty to establish a permanent International Criminal Court. Signed by the President Dec. 31, 2000

    •Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty 1996

  • To the editor:

  • To the editor:

    One of the items on my agenda this week was to e-mail a thank you for broadening the range of point of views expressed in the “Commentary” and “Opinion” pages of the Standard through your editorial board’s clever choices of political/current issue cartoons.

  • To the editor:

    I felt compelled to send this response after reading your editorial concerning the current status of the Nelson County Football program. Let me begin by saying your continued negative statements regarding the 2005 season have been greatly misrepresented. You and your staff have continued to make statements that diminish the accomplishments of that group of seniors and the former coaching staff. As a member of the previous coaching staff I, as well as other members, have been really disappointed in the continued negative statements.  

  • To the editor:

    I just read Steven Wimsatt’s article and must respond. His comments on Obama’s stand on gun control has no bearing, as the House and Senate are the only ones that may introduce and pass laws. In the strict sense of the law he is correct.  

    If Obama makes it known he wants to rewrite the gun laws all he has to to is ask, and a Liberal (Democrat Controlled) Congress will act accordingly and he will sign into law whatever they propose.

  • Education nowadays is about more than reading, writing and arithmetic. The entire child is taken into consideration, not just their bookish side. Their socialization and community awareness must also be cultivated.

  • Issuing “report cards” to point out shortcomings in the health of Kentuckians is a popular way to make the point that as a state we are woefully failing to take care of ourselves and our children.

    After so many cards with “capital Fs” we might become like Marge and Homer and just go ahead and sign Bart’s card having our low expectations realized.  Giving up should not be an option.

  • If this is one undergirding lesson from our continuing national and international economic situation it might be:  behold the fruits of unbridled greed.

    (Yes, this basically city girl has given some thought to bridles, how we use them and to what cost/benefit!)

    This is not to condemn every single person involved in any decision-making or choices in the past couple decades.  However, it does point to the inherent value of having counter-balancing institutions and rules to keep our individual and communal choices and decisions on track.

  • To the editor:

    I am pleading for our lockbox that was stolen from our home in the Chaplin area that contained cash retirement money and all of our personal property. Whoever took our belongings is definitely lost and will never have peace. You have to repent and bring back the contents to us. Just bring it back and God will forgive you and I will tell you how to be saved.

    Jack and Judy Alcorn

    1277 Old Tunnell Mill Road


  • One of the first things I noticed during my trip to Hawaii was the mentality of those who lived there.

  • It’s almost saddening to read or watch national news.

    The negative headlines are repetitive.

    The stock market continues to plunge. The unemployment rate continues to rise. Foreclosures are forcing more and more families out of their homes. A bailout plan of the “Big Three” or financial institutes is constantly being pushed through government, waiting for a decision to be made.

  • Three times a week page A3 of The Kentucky Standard contains thumbnail sketches that attempt to sum up the lives of local citizens who have died.