Today's Opinions

  • OPINION: Who’s the villain? It depends on your viewpoint.

    It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but even a picture may not tell the whole story.

    Not only should we not believe everything we hear or read, but we also shouldn’t believe everything we see with our own eyes.

    Those of a partisan bent want to believe people in my profession are biased, either deliberately or because we’re so blinded by ideological tunnel vision we can’t help it.

    More and more, though, I’m convinced they have it backwards. It’s more about their biases than ours.

  • 2018 Wrap-up

    Association Executive
    Old Ky Home  Board of Realtors


    Well, 2018 is in the books. It’s been an exciting year for the Old Kentucky Home Board of Realtors — a year of hanging on, pitching in, rising above and showing off.

  • EDITORIAL: New brand for Bardstown was needed for global impact

    The recent announcement of the new logo unveiled by Bardstown is a huge step in the right direction for the city.

    By tying everything together in one logo, with a simple yet impactful design, the city has brought several elements together into one design, and it looks great. The design is simple, but easy to market and use as a symbol of this great city.

  • LETTER: Appreciation to school staff on cold morning

    I would like to take a brief moment and publicly express gratitude to those faculty and staff members of the Bardstown Independent School District who were working in below-freezing conditions this morning (Tuesday, Jan. 22) to escort arriving students safely out of cars and into schools.

    With sincere appreciation,

    Robert Augustine


  • OPINION: Shutdown shakedown

    The dictionary defines shakedown as extortion, as by blackmail or threat of violence. The current government shutdown is exactly that.

    President Trump declared on camera, while sitting in the Oval Office, that he would be glad to shut down the federal government if Congress did not give him what he wanted, $5.7 billion for a southern border wall. And that is what he did, without negotiations or discussions.

  • LETTER: Thanks for supporting SVDP

    St. Vincent DePaul Outreach Ministries would like to thank the following businesses, agencies, and community individuals who helped make Christmas brighter for many community children, families, and senior citizens. Many thanks to the Knights of Columbus, American Fuji Seal, Nelson Country Fire and Rescue, The Salvation Army, Blown Away Hair Salon, The Hagan family, Rick Smith and family.

  • LETTER: St. Joe choirs performed beautifully

    I want to offer my sincere thanks and congratulations to the choirs of St. Joseph Cathedral. On Jan. 6, they performed a beautiful concert of Christmas music.

  • OPINION: Social media and background checks

    Before social media made it possible for everyone to know everyone else’s business, an open records law existed. In other words, people have always been able to know your business. Social media or the internet in general make it easier. If in doubt, Google yourself or anyone you know. It is amazing what a click of a few computer keys can reveal.