Today's Opinions

  • LETTER: Thanks to First Baptist New Haven VBS

    On behalf of The Village FRYSC with Nelson County Schools, I would like to thank the First Baptist Church of New Haven Vacation Bible School organization for your generous financial contribution. Your continuous support each year helps us continue our mission to assist youth and help bridge the gaps with struggling families in the community. Your organization is greatly appreciated by The Village FRYSC Center.


    Dee Dee Cecconi-Smith

    The Village FRYSC Coordinator

    New Haven

  • LETTER: The power of giving

    On behalf of myself, staff, volunteers and the patients of the Nelson County Community Clinic, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Executive Director Laura Sedlatschek and the Board of Directors of the Tri-County Kentucky United Way for the very generous $13,000 donation to the clinic. The health care needs of our community are extreme, and it is because of organizations such as the United Way that we can provide for the medical, dental, dentures, vision, pharmacy and Medicare benefits counseling needs of our patients.

  • OPINION: It’s about Nelson County PRIDE

    By Wes Bradley

    Superintendent, Nelson County Schools

  • OPINION: First day of school full of excitement

    By Ryan Clark

    Superintendent, Bardstown Public Schools

    Next Wednesday marks the 110th first day of school for Bardstown City Schools. For many students, going back to school evokes feelings of nervousness and excitement. I remember, as a student, how I felt in the weeks leading up to a new school year. Each year I looked forward to seeing my friends, meeting my teachers and shopping for new school supplies.

  • EDITORIAL: The buzz around the future of beekeeping

    The recently concluded Nelson County Fair was generally awash in sunshine and the perfect mid-summer atmosphere that makes county fairs uniquely special. The Nelson County Beekeepers Association also presented our community with something special.

    The winner of the Best in Show category went to one of the association’s newbies: Melissa Barnes and her husband, Chevis. Not only newest, but the winners are in their first year of beekeeping. With the help of family — a cousin — the Barnes were “talked into” beekeeping. With spectacular results.

  • LETTERS: Smart cars ... are they all smoke and mirrors?

    I am convinced that smart cars should replace human drivers.

    Why, you say?

  • LETTERS: Administrators to teachers

    I find it disappointing when the superintendent and board members of Nelson County Schools refer to repositioning of administrators to classroom teachers as “a demotion.”

    Classroom teaching is the most important job to the professional field of education. Being a classroom teacher is never a demotion.

  • EDITORIAL: A mecca for the serious genealogist

    When the Nelson County Public Library moved from the old Post Office building on Court Square to their present location on Cathedral Manor, the decision was made to expand the space devoted to genealogy research.

    Former head librarian Celia Keeling says that when she first helped start thedepartment in the 70s, they only had four or five books devoted to the subject; now they have over 4,000.