Today's Opinions

  • LETTER: Humane Society remains supportive of county animal control

    I would like to respond to what might be a common misconception exacerbated by a recent newspaper article.

    There are essentially two main entities that take care of stray and relinquished animals in our county, the Humane Society of Nelson County and Nelson County Animal Control.

    The Humane Society primarily handles adoptions of relinquished and stray animals, oversees the spay and neuter program, assists in public awareness of animal welfare and encourages responsible pet ownership.

  • Excerpts from a pilgrimage to Haiti

    Joe Zarantonello is currently in Haiti on a mission trip and, for this month’s column, submitted this excerpt from his daily journal.

    Louis Ballard and I spent the morning visiting our parish school here in Acul Samedi, Haiti. We used a picture of the hummingbird tapestry, and the African folktale it portrayed, to connect the kids and the teachers to our efforts, every Advent, to raise funds to support them.

  • EDITORIAL: Campaign finance reporting needs modernization

    It doesn’t do much good requiring candidates for elected office to report who gives them money if the state can’t process the filings in time.

    That’s why support is needed for a bill working its way through Frankfort this winter that would require candidates to file their campaign finance reports online. In the process, it would modernize how the public learns who is giving candidates contributions.

  • You’ve bought a new home — What’s next?

    Association Executive
    Old Ky Home  Board of Realtors

    If you’ve just bought a new home, congratulations, it’s one of the biggest decisions you will make in a lifetime. You’ve gotten through all the stages, phases and challenges of buying that house and all you want to do now is sit back and enjoy being a new homeowner. Before you get too comfortable, let’s make sure that all the details have been addressed and resolved.

  • LETTER: Don’t miss the chance to see students showcasing their talents in spring productions

    I recently attended “Tonys Beware” at Nelson County High School, in which all four of our local high schools were represented. I must say, what a great afternoon.

    These performers did an excellent job, and I was highly impressed. Many of the performers were former students, and they all made me extremely proud.

    How lucky are we to have these students showcase their talents. Thanks to everyone that was involved in this performance.

  • OPINION: The three branches of Trump politics

    In the Constitution of the United States, it was established that the government be divided into three separate branches, mostly as a check on each other branch.

    Why am I restating something that we all know very well? Well, it seems that Congress never got the message. Maybe as voters, we can remind them.

  • Lottery helping students realize college dreams

    As we look forward to the continuation of the 2019 regular session, I would like to take some time to address a monetary issue that is mentioned by many constituents: “What happens to the Kentucky Lottery money?” This year, the General Assembly is continuing to focus on the critical matters of Kentucky’s education systems. Nonetheless, it is important to keep students aware of their many post-graduation options.

    Through grants, scholarships, or other means, the Kentucky Lottery is helping students scratch college off of their bucket list.

  • OPINION: The real issue at stake in the shutdown

    We have been to the edge of the abyss, but fortunately, not over it.

    As Margie Bradford pointed out in her column last Friday, the issue was really about whether or not the legislative branch could hold its position rather than cede its powers to the executive. Had the speaker of the House capitulated, we would have been dangerously close to changing our form of government — and changing toward what we decry in banana republics.

    It was absolutely essential for the president to lose this particular standoff.