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  • OPINION: McCain and McConnell battles helped define McConnell’s role in the Senate

    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund hosted a candlelight remembrance at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to remember the late Sen. John McCain. USA TODAY

    As America said farewell to John McCain this weekend, many Kentuckians viewed him through the career of their own senior senator, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. They spent much of their Senate careers at odds on big issues, and their battles helped McConnell get where he is today and shaped his leadership style.

  • EDITORIAL: Benefits of Biking Blue Highways in Bardstown

    Labor Day weekend, Bardstown hosted the Old Kentucky Home Tour. The cycling tour is a premier three-day tour through the rolling hills of Nelson County. 2018 marked the second year the tour has been exclusively held in Bardstown, and the surrounding “Blue Highways.” It featured a hub at the Heaven Hill Distillery, featuring breakfast and lunch, full SAG support, live music and bourbon tours.


    “Mi casa es su casa” is a traditional Spanish phrase which means “my home is your home” and signifies the offering of hospitality and friendship.

    I have borrowed the phrase today to express the hope that my CASA — Court Appointed Special Advocates of Nelson County (NelCASA) — will become your CASA.

  • EDITORIAL: Bethlehem’s future starts now

    There’s long been conflict in the academic world over how big of an emphasis there should be on sports in the schools.

    Some hard-line academics would be content with a world where schools don’t even sponsor sports programs.

    But the reality is that we are not on the European model. In this country, youth sports is inextricably tied to the schools. School teams are a source of small-town pride, with the communities rallying around those teams and investing themselves in their successes.

  • EDITORIAL: How and why of tax rates still don’t lead to easy answer

    School tax rates


    Year Cents per $100 Bill on $200,000 home*

    1999 45.6 $912 ($1,357)

    2009 63.1 $1,262 ($1,458)

    2018 83.7 $1,674 ($1,674)

    Nelson County

    Year Cents per $100 Bill on $200,000 home*

    1999 42.4 $848 ($1,262)

    2009 59.8 $1,196 ($1,382)

    2017 76.6 $1,528 ($1,574)

    *Numbers in parentheses adjusted for inflation into 2018 dollars.

  • LETTER: Gratitude to the many who supported school resource center

    The Bardstown City Schools Family Resource and Youth Services Center would like to extend our appreciation to all individuals and organizations that donated clothing and school supplies to our center in the last few weeks. Specifically, we would like to thank the Bardstown Police Department, My Old Kentucky Home Board of Realtors, American Fuji Seal – Women of Steel, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, The Rickhouse Restaurant and Communicare for donations of back to school supplies.

  • OPINION: Winning record mattered most

    If you think winning football games ranks as more important at some universities than just about anything else, a decision this week by Ohio State University’s Board of Trustees came as no surprise.

    Coach Urban Meyer was suspended without pay for three games following an investigation into his protection of Zach Smith, a longtime assistant coach accused of domestic violence and other misconduct.

  • LETTER: Pick up your dog poop

    Some person is allowing their dog to poop in the elevated planting bed (not on the ground) along the pedestrian alley at the side of the 3rd Street Tap House and is not removing the poop. Big smelly pieces of poop from a big dog.

    Disgusting for residents.

    A big turn-off for tourists.

    Where is your civic pride?

    Nancy Dean