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  • OPINION: Of cowboys, Zen, Jesus and the secret of life

    I used to think that the secret of Lent, and the secret of life, was giving up chocolate for 40 days. Now, some 60 Lents later, I’m pretty sure that the secret of life is not giving up chocolate. And as I approach 70 years of age, I have finally realized what the secret of life really is.

  • EDITORIAL: Compromise works at the local level

    It’s unfortunate that the term “compromise” has become a dirty word in the national political discourse, but that’s the reality today.

  • EDITORIAL: 30 years of Leadership has benefited the community

    If you believe leaders are born and not made, you are probably not familiar with Leadership Nelson County. The program is now 30 years old and has “graduated” some 487 individuals in those three decades since the first class back in 1989.

    The early organizers were inspired by Leadership Kentucky, which did on the state level what Leadership Nelson County does with a local focus — expose participants to a wide variety of topics, interests and organizations during a monthly crash course on all aspects of community life.

  • OPINION: An opportunity to rethink education
  • OPINION: Come home to the party of the people

    A week or so ago, a friend of mine stopped me in Walmart and said that while he had been a lifelong Democrat, he was getting a bit concerned and might be changing his registration soon.

    As chairman of the local Democratic Party, I did my best to calm his nerves on accusations made against our party, but I fear it’s going to take a bit more to have him fully satisfied that being a Democrat is where he belongs. Making the case for political answers is not easy, primarily because there is more than one answer. Many more.

  • EDITORIAL: Could the one-day teacher strike backfire?

    Last Wednesday, parents with children in Jefferson County public schools received a text message a little after 9 p.m. telling them that school would be canceled the next day. While the time may not have been exactly the same, parents in the counties of Fayette, Marion, Madison, Bath, Carter, Boyd and Letcher also received word that evening that their public school system would be out of session on Thursday. While it was a February day — and baby, it was cold and rainy outside on Thursday — weather was not the reason for the cancellations.

  • OPINION: When Trump demeans others, he is undermining democracy

    WASHINGTON — “A great empire and little minds go ill together,” said Edmund Burke.

    America is not quite an empire, but one little mind was on full display during President Trump’s recent CPAC speech. It was two hours of Trump unplugged, unleashed, uncensored, unreconstructed and unhinged. It was a vivid reminder that the president of the United States, when he is most comfortable and authentic, is a rude, arrogant crank yelling profanities at the television. Correction: through the television.

  • LETTER: 4-H important to community

Dear Editor,

    As a proud member of 4-H, I would like to share a little about what 4-H means to me and why it is important to our community. I am involved in Market to Market Ham Club and Shooting Sports Education Club. These 4-H programs provide me and my fellow 4-H members skills that are vital to our success in today’s global society. I know 4-H will help me to learn valuable lessons and provide me with opportunities that I would not be exposed to otherwise.