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  • Hotter than usual summer causes distractions

    Perhaps my brain has been scorched by the hotter-than-usual June we’ve been enduring. Or maybe I just need a few days off. Whatever the reason, I’m having trouble focusing on one topic, so here’s a hodgepodge of thoughts flitting through my mind.

  • NewLife Center thanks United Way

    To the editor:

    Those at the NewLife Center are gratified to announce that, once again, we have been awarded funds from the United Way of Nelson County. The United Way has been a faithful supporter of The New Life Center since its inception in 1999, and as a devoted donor has supported the families and children of Nelson County on an ongoing basis. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those at the United Way of Nelson County for their generosity and their investment in the community that means so much to all of us. It is exciting to receive such consistent funding.

  • Thanks to those who donated to Crusade

    To the editor:

  • Area sign ordinance is a sign of socialism

    To the editor:

  • City begins recycling efforts

    It’s a start.

    Bardstown was recently awarded a $172,564 state grant to start a recycling program in the city. It was one of 34 recycling and household hazardous waste grants offered by the state to expand recycling in Kentucky.

    Bardstown Mayor Dick Heaton said the city had wanted to start a recycling program and this grant, which requires a 25 percent match from the city, will be the catalyst to get the city started.

  • Watching history be made and not made

    Last week, I watched as Barack Obama became the first black presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party on Tuesday.

    On Saturday, I watched as “Stephen Foster—The Musical” opened its 50th anniversary season.

  • Church: Why do we bother going each week?

    As of May 30 I have been a Christian for 30 years, and for the first 28 or 29 of those years I’ve rarely missed church. But in the past year or two I think I’ve stayed home more often than I’ve gone. Maybe not — I don’t keep track — but it feels that way.

    Lately I’ve been thinking about how odd it is that people go to church. Some go not just once, but twice on Sunday and then again mid-week.

  • Reader upset concrete angels were stolen

    To the editor:

    To the person who came on private property and stole my two concrete angels out of my flower bed: Remember this when something is stolen from you, “Turn the other cheek.” But everything you have, you probably stole anyway. You might as well come back and take my gazing ball, too. It doesn’t look right without the angels.

    The 8th Commandment is “Thou shalt not steal.” Is it worth your soul? Enjoy my angels.

    Sheila Lyvers

    1921 Holy Cross Road

    New Haven