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  • Reporters should declare their affiliations

    To the editor:

  • Comprehensive bans only hurt our freedom

    To the editor:

    I applaud the good people who helped lobby for the local smoking ban. Without motivated people like them helping us make decisions about all the dangerous stuff in this great big scary world, we would be lost. I also believe that people shouldn’t be able to do things that are dangerous, even in places I never go. Not even adults, in adult places. That’s why I support the comprehensive ban.

  • Music can impact our journeys through life

    One morning while I was exercising (asceticism is not dead!), someone on the radio was interviewing a man who had made a 9-minute musical piece directed to people to use while traveling.

    Abstracting from all his assumptions about the very short time needed to get from many Points A to B, his offering has evoked some thoughts about music and travel, whether for our daily journey or life's pilgrimage.

  • Celebrating 40 years of marriage and life

    In 1968, "The Year That Changed the World," according to TIME Magazine, my uncle and aunt were married Sept. 7.

    Lyndon B. Johnson was President of the United States. Gasoline cost 34 cents per gallon. "The Beatles" and "Rolling Stones" topped the music charts. Top movies for the year included the likes of "The Graduate" and "Bonnie and Clyde." See-through blouses and mini skirts swept the fashion scene.

  • Reader questions priest

    To the editor:

  • School standards should be heightened, not lowered for success

    To the editor:

    "Nelson County Schools entered into Tier 3 consequences, which demoralized the teachers who worked so hard and unnecessarily alarmed some parents."

  • No praise for Father Leger

    To the editor:

    I have been a member of St. Catherine Parish for 67 years. I am concerned about all the letters I have been reading in support of Fr. Leger. How many years have they been members of St. Catherine Parish? I know what my parish was like and I know what he has done not only to the parish, but to the whole community. Even our Protestant friends tell us they would get rid of him. And now to end this: Ron Rust, we support you all the way.

    Wilma Wimsett

    10640 New Haven Road

    New Haven

  • Suicide solution should be goal

    "No man is an island" is a saying with which most of us are familiar. It simply means that all of us are inherently connected to our fellow man, even though we often think we can go it alone.

    Since communities are formed of people, we can logically take the saying one step further: No issue facing a community is the problem of just a few of its members.