Today's Opinions

  • There is a place, time for eulogies and poems

    To the editor:

    During a funeral, eulogies and poems may be a very important part of the healing process. However, there is a time and place for everything. During the holy sacrifice of the Mass, the focus should be placed on Jesus, who is present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist. He is the Divine Physician who heals hearts and comforts those who mourn.

  • Letters are damaging to priest's reputation

    To the editor:

    Father Leger, the priest who is being attacked in The Standard, is not the priest who we know in our parish. I would ask anyone who does not know him to come and attend a Mass and talk with him afterward.

    He is not a politician and is not running for any public office, so why would The Standard allow the letters to be published that damage his character? He is a priest of great character and


    Lucy Brothers

    329 E. Center St.

    New Haven

  • Reasons for voting for candidates are varied

    To the editor:

  • Some things, like peppers, get better with age

    The aging process of humans may not get better with time, but the process of many foods and beverages benefit from aging anywhere from a few weeks to several years.

    Three weeks ago, my boyfriend decided to be what he called “domestic” and learned to can vegetables like our grandmas used to do.

  • Giant Steps

    For most of us going to school is a normal part of childhood. We think nothing of it. As youngsters, we begrudge getting up early, going to school and having homework. As adults, we send our children to these education institution without much consideration that in some parts of the world this is a luxury. To us, it is natural.

  • Changes could mean good things for local distillery

    Changing the name of what is commonly known as “Barton’s” to “Tom Moore Distillery” and adding it to the Bourbon Trail is great news for Bardstown and just a shadow of things to come from the local institution. Tom Moore was founded in the 1870s and has always been, near the banks of the Beech Fork just south of Bardstown. It was reorganized after prohibition and is now owned by Constellation Spirits.

  • I said I wouldn't, but I'm doing it anyway

    Every time I move to a new place, I swear I won’t move again for at least two years. And every time so far, I haven’t reached that goal.

    Usually, it’s work that takes me to a new place. Three of my moves were required by my job. Most newspapers require employees to live in or near to the community the paper covers. It makes sense. You can’t get to know an area if you drive far away from it every night when you get off work.

  • Buying local isn't always a possibility

    To the editor: