Today's Opinions

  • Reader concerned with teenage pregnancy

    To the editor:

    The 2008 presidential race is in full swing, but another problem is quickly brewing  that could affect all of us. Teen pregnancy is a growing trouble that could change how we look at the world.

  • Smoking ban should be enacted in county

    To the editor:

    Some may say that smoke from smokers’ cigarettes — and, yes, exhaled from smokers’ lungs — doesn’t harm others who also must breathe the air in the room. But it does.

  • Boswell is the candidate area needs for Congress

    To the editor:

    I believe we should elect David Boswell as the next 2nd District U.S. Congressman. David Boswell is pro-life, pro-gun and against taxes. Boswell is one of us. He knows Nelson County and will work for us.

    Boswell will focus on jobs and improving the economy. He is a Democrat and will work to change the way they do business in Washington. As a senator in Frankfort, he led the charge to create one of the toughest ethics reform laws in the country. We need him in Washington.

  • Kids Voting USA says thanks for booth space

    To the editor:

    As the Nov. 4, 2008 Election Day approaches, Nelson County Kids Voting wants to  thank the Nelson County Fair Board for allowing NC Kids Voting space to set up an information booth at the 2008 Fair.  

    Kids Voting is a national program that encourages parents to take their children with them on Election Day where students have the opportunity to vote in a mock election. All children (grades K-12) residing in Nelson County  are invited to cast their vote. Join us on Election Day 2008!

    Nancy J. Ballard

    Kids Voting Secretary

  • Last chapter of a storybook campaign

    In a week and a half, it’ll be over. What will we do to fill the void in our lives?

    Opinion surveys, voter registration totals and cable television ratings indicate that Americans have been engrossed by the marathon presidential campaign. That’s no surprise, given the first-in-history nature of the candidacies, the host of crucial problems we face and the sense that the outcome may determine the course — and the prospects — of our nation for many years to come.

  • Congrats to new Hall of Famers

    Five new members of the Bardstown-Nelson County Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame were inducted Thursday night.

    Four individuals and one organization were honored as the Class of 2008 for the Hall of Fame.

    Dixie P. Hibbs, Wainwright A. Lancaster, Dr. Robert Lee McClellan and Kathy Reed along with the Bardstown Independent School System have made their way into the coveted field of honorees. They were recognized Thursday night during a dinner in their honor.

  • Pink ribbons serve as our reminders

    Pink ribbons have become the common symbol for breast cancer awareness. Those ribbons have been reproduced on just about every type of jewelry item to spread the word that finding a cure for breast cancer is important to our society. Hats, socks, shirts, purses, bumper stickers, jewelry and even shoes have been sold with the common pink ribbon as sign of support.

  • Kids Vote USA is worthwhile

    When you go to the polls Nov. 4 be sure you make your opinion known about cell phones in classrooms.

    Do you think cell phones are a distraction to the learning process during a regular school day?  Oh wait, that is a question that only kids will be weighing in on at the polls election day.

    The Nelson County “Kids Voting USA” ballot will also include spaces to vote for President, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representative. There will also be a place to vote for Kentucky State Representative even though incumbent David Floyd is unopposed.