Today's Opinions

  • Race challenges didn't stop it

    This year’s “Bourbon City Challenge,” which was last Sunday in the area around Samuels Field, Sympson Lake and west Bardstown, had a pair of major challenges. First, the organizers, led by former Standard Reporter Bob White, lacked a major sponsor and had to scramble to figure out how to pay the bills without serious underwriting. The participants in the run, paddle and peddle competition faced wind gusts of more than 50 mph during the early afternoon dodging falling limbs and being pushed backward and sideways.

  • Funeral director should protect his business

    To the editor:

    In reference to Alan Brown's article concerning Ronnie Rust, d/b/a William R. Rust Funeral Home in New Haven, I would like to ask Mr. Brown if he knows or has had any dealings with Mr. Rust?

    If not, believe me you would want him at a time when you have an unexpected family death like I have had. He is so caring and attentive to your needs and wants. He is like a part of your family.

  • Reader no longer attends St. Catherine Church

    To the editor:

    I am writing to clear up some of the misconceptions that have been written by people from other towns concerning St. Catherine Parish.

    I am a lifelong member of St. Catherine Parish but have chosen to attend St. Vincent de Paul Church recently as have nearly 50 percent of the senior members of this church.

  • Reader explains reasons behind YouTube video

    To the editor:

    The Kentucky Standard recently ran an article with the headline "Sewer overflow video posted on YouTube," with a subhead, "Video up before city was contacted." I will explain why the city wasn't "contacted" and why this is one of the reasons that my wife and I are running for city council.

    The reason The Standard's headline read as it did stems back to May 13, 2008. On that date at approximately 10:20 p.m. I finally located the source of raw sewage that routinely flows down "Town Creek."

  • Reader writes concerning issues facing St. Catherine Parish

    To the editor:

  • Magistrate showed leadership

    To the editor:

    I want to thank my magistrate, Tim Hutchins, for his leadership on Nelson County Fiscal Court. He has led Fiscal Court in many areas, but the latest was the voting down of the proposed smoking ban. Nelson County has become a breeding ground for government controlled regulations. Even with good intentions, the outcome remains the same and the reason for the government control becomes clouded with over-regulation and the lack of common sense

  • Parkinson group can educate area

    Not all of us are equipped to do intricate research on neurological diseases. It takes years of schooling and a lifetime of continued learning to progress to that level.

    Each of us, however, has the capacity to make a difference, and John and Jane Swarts of Bardstown are leading the way.

  • Bourbon Fest kicks off again

    For the 17th year, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival will bring the sights and sounds of America's native spirit back to the region for a six-day event that will bring thousands to Bardstown and Nelson County.

    With events for all ages, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival has fashioned itself as a place to be in mid-September. A number of the events are free making the festival an even greater family-friendly event.