Today's Opinions

  • Farm project has focus on women

    Running a family farm is a complex business that requires all family members to be involved. For many years women have taken on the role as farm bookkeeper, organizer and communications director — not to mention farm hand — with no training or help. Oftentimes the family farm’s success or failure relies heavily on the business partnership between husband and wife.

  • Ditching the TV turns out as refreshing twist

    I recently followed through on a pledge I made several months ago. I canceled my cable.

    Doing so was harder than I thought. As soon as I thought “tomorrow’s the day,” I’d get interested in a “House” marathon or hypnotized by video on CNN I’d already seen about 10 times. I was worried I’d miss out on breaking news and be left out of the resulting conversations at work the next day. Plus, I thought I would be bored. What does one do with one’s evenings in this day and age if 24/7 television isn’t available?

  • Optimist Club Toy Drive was a success

    To the editor:

    We would like to send our sincere appreciation to everyone who made 2008’s Bardstown Optimist Club Toy Drive a success. There were more families needing help this year and we still received enough donations to make up the difference. This program would not be the success it is without the wonderful people in Nelson County who gave toy and money donations.

  • History will unfold Tuesday

    Events that happen in youth often influence the rest of our lives — sometimes for the better, sometimes not. We feel certain that for 10 Bardstown High School students, witnessing the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama will put them in the positive category and have an impact on them well into adulthood.

  • Inauguration brings excitement to D.C.

    Our nation’s capital will survive the financial meltdown, the deepening recession and the plethora of foreign crises from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Whether Washington will survive Tuesday’s inauguration, however, is an open question.

  • Cell phones tax our brains, not our hands

    Lisa Tolliver had a very helpful  column in The Kentucky Standard Jan. 11. No doubt writing last week, she took on the proposed Kentucky ban on hand-held cell phones.   It is her belief that talking on cell phones is no worse than listening to a radio, changing radio stations, eating or correcting children.

    As luck would have it, reports came out Jan. 12  that the National Safety Council is calling for an all-out ban on using cell phones while driving.     

  • General Assembly tackles budget

    The General Assembly is in recess until we reconvene on Feb. 3. But we continue with meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to inform legislators and the public about problems in our current budget and potential solutions.

    Recall that we have a predicament because not enough tax money is being taken in to pay for the current budget. The revenue forecast was inaccurate just like every other state in the country and, for that matter, the world.

  • Reader relates to today’s economic problems

    To the editor: