Today's Opinions

  • Economic woes are times to get house in order

    To the editor:

    While economic slow-downs and recessions are never a good thing, they do bring an opportunity for people to reflect on their financials, values, faith, goals, relationships, and a wide array of other things in their lives. The reality for most people is this is a stressful time, with many threats and dangers to their security and well being. It is also a time of great opportunity to explore new ideas and projects.

  • Sweetener can be toxic to pets

    To the editor:

  • Knitting has become my next new challenge

    When I moved back to Kentucky two years ago, my friend Melakee gave me some knitting needles and yarn as a going-away gift. Mel not only knits elaborate sweaters, hats, scarves and just about anything else that can be knitted, she also spins her own yarn. I had been wanting to learn to knit, but I never got around to it when I lived in Maryland. So Mel sent the basics to Kentucky with me.

  • Free smoke detectors can save lives

    Last year, this community lost 10 people in a house fire. Six of those were children.

    It was the most tragic loss of life in recent decades and still brings to mind the danger and ferocity fire can have on even the most innocent of our citizens.

    Fire doesn’t play favorites and is not forgiving. It can bring a tragic end quickly and with a great amount of intensity.

    This community knows that well, as it witnessed the pain those deaths brought to our hometown.

  • Efforts to save Howell House are worthwhile

    When historic property is demolished, it is a sad day for the community in which it is located — and at times, it is even shameful. Although sometimes old structures are beyond salvaging, they occasionally are simply ignored or razed instead of being saved. A flippant disregard for what came before does not speak well of one’s depth.

  • Let's preserve 'liberty and justice for all'

    Recently I participated in an annual forum for nonprofit healthcare providers. The first item of business was a “round robin” of sharing  major developments for each participant’s facility in the past year.

    Among the items shared was the effort of at least five to begin a “smoke-free facility” by the first of 2009. That seems like a very wise move for any institution striving to promote and preserve good health for all.

  • High school plans are good

    After the last Nelson County Board of Education meeting, we have a clearer idea of what the new high school will entail — and who will attend it.

    Two committees, one focusing on the design of the school and one on how to adjust the district, met many times to discuss their dreams for the new school. The committees were made up of a diverse group of parents, grandparents, educators, administrators, and even some public officials.

  • Holidays, end of year bring mixed memories

    It is hard to believe that 2008 is rapidly coming to an end. Along with the end-of-year countdown comes well-sought time with my extended family.

    I see my parents and uncle and aunt all the time, for which I am thankful, but  I do not get to see my cousins as often. And, along with seeing my immediate family, I will also be spending time with my boyfriend, Randy’s family.

    For me, Thursday is the official beginning of the holiday season and the official countdown to the New Year. The holiday season is typically known as a happy time of joy and celebration.