Today's Opinions

  • Hart honored in Hall of Fame

    If  you had to think of someone who embodies what it means in this day and age to be a farmer, you might have a hard time really grasping what that would entail.

    You might think of  Tommy Hart if your definition is someone who also cares for the land, knows the true value of a hard day’s work, understands that value and success come in what you do as well as how you do it and someone who works hard to not only provide for themselves and their family but also the millions of people who depend on farmers every day.

  • I ain’t afraid of no ghost . . . Oh yes I am!

    “Listen... do you smell something?”

      — Dr. Raymond Stantz


    Many have asked why I am not participating in my co-worker Robert’s ghost hunting experiments this month. The answer is — I’m a big chicken.

    I don’t want to know if ghosts are real. I would rather they stay in the ambiguous realm of the unknown and I certainly don’t want to see one.

  • Hard work went into school’s 100th

    Kim Lacy and everyone in the Bardstown Independent School System who have labored over Saturday’s celebration of the 100th birthday for the system have done a remarkable job of organizing the displays of material that will be available for viewing in the high school gym.

  • Sewer talks need to be open, honest

    Enough is enough.

    A lot of rumors have floated around about Bardstown’s sewer system, especially concerning a recent meeting city officials had with the state’s Department for Environmental Protection’s Division of Enforcement regarding its sewer issues.

  • Games, reading, baking are perfect for winter

    It has officially become jacket weather. For me this means it’s also time to stay indoors and be cozy, read and brush up on indoor activities such as game playing and baking.  

  • Reader urges votes for Democrats

    To the editor:

    I encourage everyone to vote in this important election.

    There is a good slate of Democrats running. It is time to take this government out of the hands of corporations and their bought politicians.

    We have had eight years of dysfunctional government. Do we continue for another four years of what has gone on?

    Ed Carty

    131 Springhill Drive


  • Bible study and football don’t mix

    To the editor:

    I’m all for bible study, but does it really have anything to do with football? You may ask this question when you hear the story about a coach recently forcing University of Louisville football players to go to bible study. Coaches are making them go for their off-field demeanor. In my opinion making someone go to bible studies isn’t right at all.

  • Cheerleaders needed for celebration

    To the editor: