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  • March of Dimes says thanks

    To the editor:


  • Give me chores or give me nothing at all

    For most of us, the natural rhythm of a day is lost. We rise and fall at any hour we please without consideration for light and darkness — a measure that at one time would dictate useable hours in a day.

  • Right to Life cannot be an overlooked issue

    To the editor:

  • United Way needs you

    During tough economic times charitable giving decreases just at a time when it is needed most.

    That is the major challenge facing the Nelson County United Way as it kicks off its fall campaign. The goal is $185,000, really very modest considering some 16 agencies rely at least in part on United Way funds to provide needed services here.

  • Respected doctor never knew my feelings

    I loved Dr. Paul Armstrong.

    Now before you jump to conclusions or call my husband Bud to tattle, let me explain. We’re talking agape here — nothing scandalous.

    Dr. Armstrong watched over me through my two pregnancies. He was there at both births — 1983 and 1986 — and placed in my hands the most beautiful babies ever born. Who wouldn’t love the person who handed them the most precious gifts they’ve ever received?

    He remained my physician until he retired a couple of years ago.

  • Others care about Stoners Chapel cemetery

    To the editor:

    I personally know the farmer (Michael Evans) mentioned in the Sept. 28 article concerning the Stoners Chapel Cemetery and as he said “cows want shade” and will find a way to get to it. Previously, I have helped the farmer and my husband to put fence around the cemetery. Evans has put fence around the cemetery many times with money from his own pocket even though he leases the farm from a Louisville doctor. The doctor’s son lives in the house on the property.

  • Reader believes program can help students

    To the editor:

    A few weeks ago, I sent an email out about the possibility of developing a pilot program in education with local high schools and colleges. The idea is based on several state models of fusing high school and college education for accelerated students. While I have sent the idea forward for state officials to review, my belief is if a successful program can be set up in our local communities of Nelson and Washington counties, this progressive policy could be the vehicle for positive change in our state education system.

  • County vehicles should not be in other counties

    To the editor:

    I was recently in a neighboring county and witnessed a Nelson County Government vehicle. This opened my eyes, as I see more of these county vehicles on the road after normal work hours. Hopefully, Fiscal Court will follow up on the concerns and questions voiced by Magistrate Tim Hutchins at the last Fiscal Court meeting.