Today's Opinions

  • Spatula will work when an ice scraper is out

    I carried around a black, plastic spatula with me nearly every day last week. It showed up in a variety of spots — in my purse, my back pocket, my hand and my desk — but it was never far away.

    I received strange looks and questions from some. Others just saw the kitchen utensil, looked at me and never said a word. I suppose they thought I’d finally gone off the deep end — it was only a matter of time.

    No matter how strange it looked, the spatula had a purpose. It served as my ice scraper.

  • Electric crews deserve praise

    To the editor:

    I would like to offer my appreciation to all the crews who worked and are still working to get Nelson County back to normal.

    After two days without heat, we decided to travel to my aunt’s home in Glasgow and ride out the storm. The highways were in great shape. The state highway workers in Nelson County did an excellent job clearing the roads and allowing us to make our trip.

  • Reader glad to see tradition still lives in city

    To the editor:

    Saturday a week ago I was in Bardstown during errands. A funeral procession exited Barlow Funeral Home on KY 245 and I had the opportunity to be the first to pull over and remove my hat. The occupants of the lead car nodded and waved as they passed. As far as I could see in my rear-view mirror, car after car pulled over in respect for the funeral procession.

  • Does city still check on elderly residents?

    To the editor:

    The City of Bardstown took great care in getting our electricity back on in my neighborhood in a timely manner and for that I am truly grateful.

    Here’s my beef:

  • Taxpayers’ money should not be wasted

    To the editor:

  • Storm brings forth volunteers

    The winter storm that struck Nelson County and much of Kentucky last week brought an array of inconveniences. Trees crashed, vehicles wrecked and people fell after 3 inches of an icy mixture coated everything in sight. Worst of all, almost the entire county lost power at one point or another, and some are still without.

    As usual, however, there were silver linings, and one of the brightest was made up of the many volunteers who braved the conditions to help their fellow man through the disaster.

  • Business owner was only trying to help

    To the editor:

    I would like to publicly apologize for violating the Bardstown sign ordinance on Thursday, Jan. 29, by placing banners and a sign in front of my Quiznos restaurant. I did this to inform people that we were serving and delivering food, knowing that many people were searching for restaurants that were open. I also want to respectfully decline Ms. Johnston’s generous offer to leave the banners up and apply for a permit and pay a late fee on Monday. There is no longer a need to do so.

  • Be upfront with air violations

    No one likes bad news.

    But reporting when bad news occurs is part of being a good industrial neighbor. That’s why we were disappointed to learn PolyAir Packaging was fined $170,000 by the state’s Division of Enforcement sometime in 2008. But the news didn’t come out until the Division of Enforcement released its end-of-the-year annual report.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, PolyAir didn’t return phone calls made by the newspaper regarding the report.