Today's Opinions

  • Our identifications go beyond just our names

    The other day I got an e-mail from Nancy Kennedy.

    That's Nancy B. Kennedy from Hopewell, N.J.

    Years ago she and I wrote articles for the same magazine group — I wrote humor stories and she wrote about finance, and readers often got us mixed up. I told her once that I thought about writing a humorous finance article and really confuse things.

    We became acquainted when either the magazines' business office or the IRS mixed up our 1099s.

  • My best friend is finally a married woman

    Two months ago, my best friend decided to get married. On Saturday, her wedding day quickly arrived.

    Sometimes, I don't realize just how short of a time frame two months actually is. But, within those two months, my best friend, Leslie — with the assistance of family and friends — had everything ready for her wedding day. It was a busy two months of planning, buying decorations, flowers, a cake and a bazillion other things needed for a wedding. Through all the planning and preparation, I must say it culminated nicely Saturday.

  • New Haven can't afford a lengthy lawsuit

    To the editor:

  • Canon law should be followed to help church

    To the editor:

    Several letters defending Father Jeffrey Leger of St. Catherine Church in New Haven against those who disagree with his funeral policy present him as a very caring, Christ-like, loving person around those who really get to know him.

    Perhaps that's the problem. Those who "know him" are shown only what he wants them to see.

  • Reader upset with columns of local writers

    To the editor:

  • Hats off to a successful festival

    Thousands of people once again found their way to Bardstown and Nelson County this weekend for the 17th annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival.

    A week of great weather helped to bring the festival to a near record number in attendance. As hundreds filled the lawn Friday, Saturday and Sunday even more showed up at the weekday events and weekend festivities.

  • New Haven was right to raise taxes

    Sometimes a legislative body just needs to do the right thing regardless of the political consequences.

    The New Haven Board of Commissioners last week bit the bullet and passed a small tax increase to assure that the community's services would meet expectations. Contrast their action with the majority of the Bardstown City Council earlier this month in voting against the recommendation of Chief Financial Officer Mike Abell and voting down a modest increase on personal property an action that will have an impact on the city budget.

  • Clean up welfare - start drug testing rules

    When I applied for a reporter job at The Kentucky Standard back in 1998, I went through the usual procedure. I turned in my resume, received a phone interview then went in for a face-to-face interview. Then I was offered the job ee on one condition. I first had to agree to take a drug test. If I passed then I would be hired. If I failed, it was simple — I wouldn’t get the job.