Today's Opinions

  • Catholic feels confident with Obama

    To the editor:

    I believe I can vote for the Obama/Biden ticket as a faithful Catholic (Biden is Catholic) and concerned American after carefully reflecting on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ guidelines.

  • Debate brought concerns but not answers

    So here we are. Only one month until the next presidential election and on this eve we are left grasping for answers in a rapidly declining economy. Last week I was excited to watch the first presidential debate. “Finally,” I thought, “we will get some real answers to straightforward questions.” Sadly, I was mistaken. Instead of answering questions head-on in a straightforward manner both candidates circumvented questions dodging each question as if it were a loaded gun.

  • Government officials show their true colors

    To the editor:

    Not too long ago a Nelson County Deputy was terminated from his duties for misuse of a county fuel card.

    I agree if these charges are or were true there is a need for punishment. In this case it was termination of the deputy.

    Recently it was brought to the attention of Nelson County citizens that the judge executive (the same judge who pushed for termination of the deputy mentioned above) and a county inspector knowingly used a county vehicle, county fuel and possibly county time traveling to Bullitt County to work.

  • Walking a cute hairball has its frustrations

    There’s just one problem with having a cute little Maltese/Shih Tzu pup: Walking him is an exercise in frustration.

    House training is taken care of. He sleeps all through the night with no protest. He entertains himself for hours with his myriad of toys, including a black, rubber tire made just for dogs and a two-foot-long green creature of some sort that makes a sound like a calf bawling. Who thinks of these things?

    But going for a walk is when Eli and I butt heads.

  • New Life Center says thanks for recent help

    To the editor:

    The New Life Center would like to thank the following churches and organizations for their donations to The New Life Center through our 2008 Baby Bottle Campaign:

  • Still time to register to vote

    There are two kinds of voters in the United States, the ones who have never missed voting since they were old enough to register and those who go to the polls every once in a while when the spirit or a spirited campaign moves them to vote.

    This message is aimed at the latter group. Are you registered? Depending on the number of elections that have passed since you last did your civic duty and cast a ballot, you could find yourself out of luck when you show up at your precinct polling place Nov. 4.

  • For whom will you vote this election?

    To the editor:

  • Thanks for help at Family Health, Fitness Day

    To the editor:

    The Nelson County Health Department, Nelson, Marion and Washington County Diabetes Coalition and Bardstown City Schools would like to thank everyone who made Family Health and Fitness Day a success. We had 31 booths giving parents and children the opportunity to learn about health and safety as well as interactive booths for the parent and child to complete together. When the family completed 15 or more booths, they were eligible for door prizes.