Today's Opinions

  • EDITORIAL: Encouraging signs when politicians keep their campaign pledges

    Most politicians know that a key to winning elections is making promises to different groups of voters. Candidates run long-winded speech after speech promising to cure the ills of voters, saying, if they are elected, they will bring about vast improvements to communities.

    Basically, too many office seekers tell the people what they want to hear.

    But two people come to mind on a local level that have not only kept their promises but did so right away.

  • EDITORIAL: Agent Orange still affecting vets, families

    It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Use a “super-herbicide” to eliminate foliage in the jungle country of Vietnam so the enemy would not be able to use the dense growth along the supply routes know as “The Ho Chi Minh Trail,” or soak the leafy terrain around the isolated American fire bases to deny cover to soldiers trying to infiltrate the positions.

  • LETTER: Whiskey History Museum appreciates Christmas support from distilleries, local businesses

    I would like to thank Willett Distillery, Jim Beam, Barton’s, Limestone Branch, Heaven Hill and Lux Row distilleries for participating in the museum’s Christmas Tree Extravaganza.

    Thank you, Gartland’s for the framed picture of Santa.

    A special thanks to Heaven Hill for also festively decorating the museum’s foyer and front entrance.

    Another thank you to Heaven Hill, Barton, Smith Brother’s Distributing and Jim Beam for providing Christmas treats to our visitors.

  • OPINION: Math is not racist

    There has been an unusual amount of back-pedaling, lying and outright hatred aimed squarely at the common sense of America lately concerning illegal immigration. I don’t like to be redundant, but I am compelled to reiterate that security is not discriminatory or racist. And being anti-wall, although it’s been painted as altruism, is really closer to flat-earthism; blatantly anti-math.

  • LETTER: Appreciation for aid, professionalism by Nelson County EMS crew

    No day should the services of Nelson County EMS go unnoticed and unappreciated.

    Director Joe Prewitt, the team that did the run on Dec. 28 at 10 a.m. to Bloomfield, were dedicated, professional and provided services based on need, with compassion. Not only did they have to locate me, but the natural lay of the land, human obstacle course and getting me back to the driveway and into an ambulance were a challenge, for sure.

  • OPINION: Kentucky is now a tourism state, and that’s important

    Kentucky is riding a tourism wave that promises to grow, adding to its already impressive contributions to the state’s economy.

    Tourism-related businesses and convention bureaus across the commonwealth work tirelessly to cement Kentucky’s name in the tourism industry. And the results speak for themselves.

  • EDITORIAL: Lawmakers should tax e-cigarettes

    Politicians are always looking for something popular to support. And, most of them do want to make a positive difference in the lives of their constituents, especially children.

    So in a day and age where it seems increasingly difficult to find common ground, there is something lawmakers in Frankfort could do that would be supported by possibly three out of four Kentuckians.

    They could vote to tax e-cigarettes.

  • OPINION: Transparency eroding in Frankfort

    Sen. Danny Carroll gave new meaning during the first week of this year’s General Assembly session to the adage “better late than never” by pulling a bill he presented as protecting the personal information of law enforcement officers, judges, social service professionals and even firefighters from criminal crazies seeking retaliation, but instead would have greatly increased the burden for law-abiding citizens seeking vital information about their own government.