Today's Opinions

  • OPINION: The missing option in American politics

    WASHINGTON — In a country that spans a continent, in a party that produced Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, there is still no serious political challenge to the ideological supremacy of a corrupt, deeply prejudiced conman who cares nothing for democratic traditions, constitutional limits and moral norms. Donald Trump’s reelection would entrench a particularly vicious brand of Know Nothingism, advocated with tireless arrogance, combined with resolute ignorance, enabled by steadfast sycophancy.

  • OPINION: Stop unfair tax laws

    While most people cheer when they hear a tax has been eliminated, this session state Rep. Chad McCoy, R-Bardstown, voted to eliminate the Bank Franchise Tax, which brought in up to $100 million dollars a year.

  • OPINION: Methods available for reducing abortion

    Abortion is the hottest and most controversial topic on Facebook.

    People argue about what is right and wrong about abortion. Left/right; conservative/liberal; whatever, what people on both sides are missing is the human aspect of abortion.

    If anyone has ever actually read a biography about Margaret Sanger, the woman some credit with “inventing” abortion, they would realize, she was not an advocate of abortion but of birth control.

  • EDITORIAL: Jennings an asset to local preservation

    If you haven’t noticed, history is what we do here in Bardstown.

    The deep history ingrained in our area permeates just about every aspect of life and culture in one of Kentucky’s most historic destinations.

  • Equipping managers helps businesses succeed in this employment climate

    The May 12 editorial in The Kentucky Standard (“Employers need to adapt to find best workers, hiring success”)about employer challenges and the need to adapt to the changing work world is highly relevant, and I want to take it a step further.

    As companies grapple with the changing demands of workforce recruitment and retention, a core consideration should be this:

  • OPINION: Jean Vanier’s radical Christianity modeled a compassionate path

    WASHINGTON — With the passing of Jean Vanier on May 7, the sum of the world’s welcoming kindness diminished appreciably.

  • LETTER: Support for Adkins

    I am expressing my strong support for Rocky Adkins as the next governor of Kentucky because of his strong leadership in the Kentucky General Assembly for the past 32 years, including over 20 years as Democratic floor leader of the House. His running mate, Stephanie Horne, brings valuable skills to this ticket with her background in business, finance, and tenure on the Jefferson County Board of Education.

    You can find more details about the issues they will champion on their website, www.rockyforky.com.

  • LETTER: Endorsements piling up for Adkins

    Democratic candidate for governor state Rep.Rocky Adkins is proud to accept a multitude of endorsements from around the Commonwealth of Kentucky to include: The Tri-State Buildings Trade, Boyd County Education Association, Laborers Local 1445 and 576, United Wine Workers of America, United Steel Workers Local 14581 and Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 248.