• LETTER: Thanks for community support

    To the editor,
    Once again, this community has come together to support The New Life Center.  We are especially excited this year as the first time in our five years of hosting The Turkey Fun Run and Family Stroll, we exceeded 200 runners.
    Our final count was 214! We thank each and every runner, volunteer and sponsor.

  • Follow the rules and like it or leave it

    To the editor

    Bardstown is very unique, among its many accolades, it is the most Beautiful Small Town in America.

    So why are people trying to change it?

    For those who want to raise chickens move to the country. We don’t need chickens in town to attract raccoons. And they would. A neighbor had chickens and they were everywhere and we had raccoons.

    So other towns have chickens, that doesn’t mean Bardstown has to.

  • Letter: Looking for a gift or hope to honor a veteran?

    To the editor,

    I attended the Kentucky County Clerks Association annual convention held Nov. 5 through 8. The convention brings Kentucky’s county clerks together to discuss and learn about upcoming changes in election law, real estate transactions and motor vehicles.

    One of the highlights of the convention is the auction held on behalf of Helping a Veteran Everyday (H.A.V.E.) which is a charitable organization created by the county clerks to raise money to benefit veterans’ homes in Kentucky.

  • >> READERS’ VIEWS: How is a retired veteran supposed to live?

    To the editor,

    I have a veteran’s story to tell. I have run across a wonderful man, who has served in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He has outlived the majority of his relatives, and he is here in Kentucky all by himself. I did not know what dire need that some of our veterans are in, until now.

    I met my wonderful veteran through a friend who told me that he had no groceries. l was able to supply him with some, however I soon found out that he needed so much more.

  • Letter: Making pension proposal fair for all

    Gov. Matt Bevin and Republican leaders have developed a plan to correct the financial standings of Kentucky’s pension plans and that is commendable.

    Some made insulting comments about teachers and state employees. That is not appropriate.

    Teachers, school districts, city and county governments have continually fulfilled their financial obligations. In the recent past, state politicians have not.

  • LETTER: Quit coddling the addicts

    To the editor,
    How anyone could possibly put the blame for overdoses and addictions of opioids on the pharmaceutical companies instead of solely on the weak-minded individual is beyond me.
    Our judge-executive and the magistrates want to recoup money from the makers of drugs (which help millions without being abused) instead of the drug abusers or over-prescribers. (editor’s note: The county approved joining a suit against drug distributors, not manufacturers.)

  • Letter: Bardstown would be beautiful home for Foster statue

    I run a small travel and group tour business out of Waynesville Ohio. I have been bringing groups to Bardstown for over 35 years. This year alone, I have made seven trips to Bardstown, and it is always an enjoyable experience.

    I am also a collector of “Fosteriana” or all things related to Stephen Foster. I started this lifelong hobby shortly after my first trip to Bardstown about 35 years ago. I love the music of Foster, and I have always been a self-appointed ambassador for Foster as well as for Bardstown.

  • Letter: Thank you, Jim Beam

    Nelson County Family Resource and Youth Services Centers want to extend our sincere gratitude to Jim Beam and its employees for their contribution to us. Your generous gift will have a major impact on helping families in need during this holiday season.

    Nelson County FRYSC’s want to thank you for helping us make a positive difference in the lives of our families. Your support encourages our continued commitment to helping students meet their needs.

    Thanks again for your generosity and support,

    Lynne Potter

  • Letter: In response to Rebecca Clark Brothers

    To the editor,

    To Ms. Brothers, regarding your recent article about our cemeteries: Cox’s Creek Baptist Church Cemetery was heavily damaged in the terrible tornado of 1942, as was the church building. Stones in the cemetery were damaged and misplaced in the oldest part of the cemetery and there were no adequate records kept from that time period to enable church members to accurately restore this portion.

    Since there was really no way to pinpoint who was buried where, this section has been left alone, but maintained as well as possible.

  • Letter: Question to Gov. Bevin on ‘Keeping the Promise’

    To the editor,

    I just finished reading the article ‘Keeping the Promise’ in the Oct. 22 edition of The Kentucky Standard.

    It reads that new non-hazardous duty employees and teachers will be enrolled in the defined contribution retirement plan that provides comparable or better retirement benefits than the current defined benefits plan. Hazardous duty employees will continue in the same plan as now — defined benefits.