• LETTER: Journalism biased toward the left

    In my view, you talk about the virtues of journalism while ignoring the egregious trend of mainstream media to obfuscate anything positive about the president and, oftentimes, conservatism in general.

    You do so by consistently using sources known to lean liberal, or left or progressive. Frequently quoted are The New York Times, Lexington Herald-Leader and the Louisville Courier Journal to support a negative view of Republicanism.

    The majority of your featured columnists are predominantly left, anti-Trump and liberal.

  • LETTER: Complete plan needed for Cox’s Creek rehab to avoid impact on community

    We have a farm in Cox’s Creek, but are also apartment owners in another community in Colorado. A couple of years ago, the primary charity that deals with the homeless community in Denver was given a surplus VA hospital in our area called Fort Lyon. Fort Lyon is a 556-acre facility with 200 residents. The program is good compared to other programs that attempt to give long-term solutions to homelessness. Their problem is usually coupled with drug and alcohol addiction. That’s where the Cox’s Creek proposed rehab center fits in.

  • LETTER: Focus on the positive

    I’m on my soap box due to something I witnessed last night. People as a rule don’t get this until they live it. Even when you read this, the depth of how this affects kids probably won’t make an impact, but I will say it’s an awful feeling when others focus on what your kid can’t do versus what he or she can do.

  • >> NOTES OF THANKS: Thanks for supporting ‘Stephen Foster Story’


    To the editor:

    As the historic 60th anniversary season of “The Stephen Foster Story” comes to an end, I would like to thank everyone in Nelson County, all the individuals, employees, politicians, local companies and the members of the board of the Stephen Foster Drama Association for all of their hard work in helping to save the show.

  • >>READERS VIEW: Call things what they are

    Call things what they are

    Just as calling an illegal migrant an “undocumented citizen” or calling a man a woman (actually denying science) does not make it so. Calling a commonsense Democrat (an increasingly oxymoronic term) a Republican does not mean that you are offering unbiased reporting on an organic exodus from the GOP.

  • >> READERS’ VIEWS: Consumption tax offsets income tax decrease

    I am writing in response to the editorial in July 20 paper, taking exception to the new state sales tax, taken from the Bowling Green Daily News. Did you not read it?

    This new sales tax reflects the state’s new direction of going to a consumption tax while decreasing the state tax on our earnings. This follows actions taken by our neighboring states, Indiana and Tennessee. Instead of taxes being automatically taken from us, it puts more money in our pockets and allows us to be more in charge of how we utilize our earnings.

  • LETTER: Woodlawn closure not the fault of residents

    I have really tried to be polite, but I am sick and tired of people blaming the residents of Woodlawn for the horrible business decisions by the owners of the 140 acres doomed to ruin.

    Dennis George’s column is out of bounds, a lost ball in tall weeds. Mr. George did not contact the board of the Woodlawn Springs Homeowners Association to research his article. He is entitled to his opinion. He is not entitled to criticize homeowners who have been struggling with weeds, copperheads, mice, rats, voles and unsafe conditions in our neighborhood for years, not months.

  • LETTER: Thanks to First Baptist New Haven VBS

    On behalf of The Village FRYSC with Nelson County Schools, I would like to thank the First Baptist Church of New Haven Vacation Bible School organization for your generous financial contribution. Your continuous support each year helps us continue our mission to assist youth and help bridge the gaps with struggling families in the community. Your organization is greatly appreciated by The Village FRYSC Center.


    Dee Dee Cecconi-Smith

    The Village FRYSC Coordinator

    New Haven

  • LETTER: The power of giving

    On behalf of myself, staff, volunteers and the patients of the Nelson County Community Clinic, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Executive Director Laura Sedlatschek and the Board of Directors of the Tri-County Kentucky United Way for the very generous $13,000 donation to the clinic. The health care needs of our community are extreme, and it is because of organizations such as the United Way that we can provide for the medical, dental, dentures, vision, pharmacy and Medicare benefits counseling needs of our patients.

  • LETTERS: Smart cars ... are they all smoke and mirrors?

    I am convinced that smart cars should replace human drivers.

    Why, you say?