• Letter: Sisters of Charity of Nazareth stand with gun violence victims

    We, Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, rooted in our faith and Jesus’ model of nonviolence in ministry, work to promote a culture of peace through nonviolence in prayer and action.

    The most recent gun violence in Parkland, Fla., reaffirms that America has a gun violence epidemic, and gun violence is a complex issue with many areas of it needing to be addressed. We stand with many who grieve these deaths, pray with these families and work to support policies that reduce death and injury from gun violence.

  • Letter: Pension ‘fix’ seems like plan to destroy public education

    I am tired of hearing some legislators speak of not kicking the can down the road any longer. The General Assembly sure didn’t mind kicking the can for years when they used the money they were legally obligated to use to fund the teacher retirement system for other purposes.

    The problem is not with the structure of the present teacher pension plan. The teachers have met their obligations all these years. Now the teachers and local schools, at the detriment of students, are being asked to fund the legislative obligation.

  • LETTER: Say goodbye to open space

    To the editor,
    The Standard editorial board published a nice editorial back in December urging the developers and Woodlawn homeowners to work together to find a solution that would benefit Nelson County as a whole. Great advice, and the Woodlawn  homeowners association executive board took that advice to heart. After all, we have the most to lose.

  • Letter: We must maintain our infrastructure

    To the editor,

    As a highway contractor employing many people in this region, I want to share a few thoughts about the importance of investment in transportation infrastructure in our state.

  • Letter: This is pure madness

    To the editor,

  • Letter: Objection can contribute to change

    To the editor,

    I had been a lawyer for eight months when, during the May term of the Nelson Circuit Court, I was appointed to represent all those indicted by the grand jury. You did so without pay. Among those indicted was William Tonge, an African-American charged with murder. The case was then passed to the October term for trial.

  • Letter: Why can’t we address the issue?

    To the editor,

    I am fed up.

    How much longer do we have to endure the slaughter of innocent Americans by people who shouldn’t be able to own guns, but do, with sickening consequences. If I hear one more “thoughts and prayers” being sent out to devastated families or one more idea about addressing the issue via mental health treatment (when the budget for that has recently been slashed), I will scream.

  • Letter: An open letter to Rep. Brett Guthrie

    Dear Rep. Guthrie,

    I am writing to implore you to do something about the problem of mass shootings in our schools. In Parkland, Fla., 17 people died Feb. 14 in one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history. The massacre at the Stoneman Douglas High School was the 18th school shooting this year. This means there’s been a school shooting, on average, every two-and-a-half days this year!

  • Letter: Thank you for supporting Music for Movement

    To the editor,

    We want to give a big thank you to Troy Dennison and Andrew Newton for making our second annual Music for Movement event a huge success!

    On Nov. 4, 2017, Tory opened his bar up to Team Kylie. Andrew Newton played. We had a great night and an excellent event!

    With their support and the community, Team Kylie has gotten off to an amazing start for our 2018 fundraising year. All proceeds from this event are donated to the Arthritis Foundation.

    Dawn Edwards

    Hendersonville, TN

  • Letter: Helping veterans is not a one-person job

    To the editor,

    In response to a recent letter to the editor by Rhonda Shawler of Nazareth, I want to first thank her for bringing the plight of this veteran to the attention of a great team of veterans in this county. Helping a veteran should never be a one-person situation, but rather a motivated team effort.

    Charlie Greenwell, Wayne Fleenor, my father Pete Trzop, and many others work each month to give out a food box at the Senior Citizen Center for seniors in need of food.