• LETTER: Thanks for veterans program

    Thanks to the student body, teachers and staff at Foster Heights Elementary School for the wonderful Veterans Day Program they presented Nov. 9. I am so proud of the Foster Heights Huskies family. However, all our thanks should go to our veterans.

    Nemola Stark


  • LETTER: Humane Society of Nelson County needs you

    Now that the midterm elections are over, lick your wounds and celebrate your victories. Nothing in politics is really over anymore. It is once again off to the 2020 presidential races.

    The shelter’s companion animals are ready and waiting to help you endure the next political season.

    The best therapy and healing for all of this political exhaustion, is a newfound friend that is apolitical in its views and provides unconditional love, no matter what.

    The most important win is family and a new furry addition.

  • LETTER: Congratulations to Eric Shelburne

    People of Nelson County’s 5th District, I want to congratulate Eric Shelburne on his victory.  I wish him nothing but the best representing our district.

    To all of those who knocked on doors, put out signs, and supported me along the way, I say thank you. To the voters who put their faith in me to be their magistrate, I am eternally grateful.  Most of all, I want to thank my wife, Amanda, and my two kids, Jack and Madelyn, for their love and support throughout the campaign.

  • LETTER: Legion Auxiliary appreciates support

    American Legion Auxiliary Unit 42, Nelson County, extends its gratitude to the kind-hearted citizens of Bardstown and surrounding communities who stopped by our display on Saturday, Nov. 3, in front of the Dollar General Market on Ky. 245.

  • LETTER: Nelson GOP chair responds to editorial

    Your recent editorial regarding local Republican candidates was void of fact and took no serious statistical or historical data into consideration.

    Criticizing candidates well over a week past an election is not only in poor taste, it is demeaning to the candidates, their families, their voters, and the political process as a whole. 

  • LETTERS: Reader endorsements of Sidebottom, Houghlin, DeWeese

    Why I am voting Jeanette Hall Sidebottom for Nelson County clerk

    This year I am not voting party, I am voting a person, and her name is Jeanette Hall Sidebottom, and she is running for Nelson County Clerk. It’s ironic to me that this has come full circle because the Nelson County Clerk’s Office is where we first met and our friendship ensued. This bubbly servant greeted me with this gigantic smile and said, “Hi! How can I help you today?”

  • LETTERS: Reader endorsements of 2018 candidates

    DeWeese is pro-worker, pro-education

    As Election Day is upon us, I can’t seem to convey this message enough. So many candidates use the phrase “working people” or “working families” to relate to voters.  In Nelson County, we are actually lucky enough to vote for a candidate that already stands for working people and working families, full-time.

  • LETTER: Nelson County has more to offer tourists than just bourbon

    With all of the excitement about the Bourbon industry and its appeal to the tourist business and local economy, we sometimes forget about the older attractions that over the years have been the bulwark of the tourist trade.

  • LETTERS: Readers' endorsements of candidates

    Vote James DeWeese for state rep

    Representative. We need to vote for James DeWeese. James has the heart and passion to help all working families, not only in Nelson County but the whole state of Kentucky. James represents members of Teamsters Local 89 every day.

    James is a very hard-working man he sees a problem, and he does his best to fix it. If you get a chance to talk to James, you will see that he only wants the best for us. James is the man that we need fighting for us in Frankfort.

  • Support across the board for Democratic candidates

    I know. You are tired of political rhetoric and you are just wishing that Election Day was over so you could get ready for the holidays. I ask your indulgence for just one more pitch.