• LETTER: Gratitude for the Nelson County Humane Society’s leadership

    Being the only male present at the latest February board meeting of the Humane Society of Nelson County, I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the abundant women-based leadership in our community.

    You should attend a board meeting to experience for yourself the compassion, dedication and enthusiasm these ladies project. The joyous infection in that room was not only limited to the elders who have built this exemplary institution, but also to the newfound successes of the young women who will carry forward the mission of this non profit.

  • LETTER: Thanks for supporting clinic fundraiser

    On behalf of the board of directors for the Nelson County Community Clinic, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who made our recent fundraiser “Dinner at The Rickhouse” such a great success!

    This was our first time for this event, and we will definitely host again in the near future.

    A huge thank you to our sponsors, The Rickhouse and GBA Printing.

  • LETTER: We walk together with our diversities

    Bravo to Dr. Harry Spalding and Randy Patrick for their excellent articles in The Standard on Feb. 24. It is so refreshing to hear from people of integrity and of a higher moral compass. Their words and comments should be a wake-up call to all of us as a reminder of something greater than our own individual situation. We do not live and travel on this earth alone — we walk together with all of our diversities. Diversity that does not have to divide us but can be a forum for dialogue and tolerance and understanding.

  • SVdP appreciates support

    Grateful, thankful, and blessed are the words that come to mind when I think of all the individuals, businesses, schools, churches, organizations, that have supported St. Vincent de Paul Outreach Ministries for 2018 and early 2019.

    St. Vincent de Paul Outreach Ministries consist of the Mission Store, Bread for Life Food Pantry, Meals From the Heart, as well as client assistance helping with rent, utilities and more.

  • Restoring voting rights is the democratic choice

    If we want Kentucky to be more democratic, we need to allow convicted felons the opportunity to take part in the most democratic process — voting. That’s why I support S.B. 238. The bill would restore their voting rights and let our commonwealth be an example of promoting better democratic practices, for allowing as many voices as possible to be heard is essential to promoting democracy.

    Alex Brown


  • LETTER: Extra effort appreciated in time of grief

    My wife and I would like to take a moment and express my sincerest appreciation to Lellan Barlow Jr. of Barlow Funeral home.

    Lellan went out of his way and well beyond his duty to intercept a problem on the day of my mother’s funeral.

    My family and I thank him for the attention and care he shows in running such a dedicated ministry.

    With eternal appreciation,

    Robert and Jessica Augustine


  • LETTER: 4-H important to community

Dear Editor,

    As a proud member of 4-H, I would like to share a little about what 4-H means to me and why it is important to our community. I am involved in Market to Market Ham Club and Shooting Sports Education Club. These 4-H programs provide me and my fellow 4-H members skills that are vital to our success in today’s global society. I know 4-H will help me to learn valuable lessons and provide me with opportunities that I would not be exposed to otherwise.

  • LETTER: A special invitation by former director to those helped by New Life Center

    On Saturday Feb. 23 the New Life Center will be hosting its annual Chocolate Extravaganza at the GO Center beginning at 7p.m. The center will be celebrating its 20th anniversary at the event. As its former director, I am extending a personal invitation to former board of directors, employees, students and families who were a part of the early years beginning in 1999. A special table will be reserved for you. Please contact me at (502) 507-4808 or the center at (502) 233-8003 to reserve your seat. It will be a wonderful evening of celebration, fellowship and of course chocolate.

  • LETTER: Berlin showed walls work

    Dr. Harry Spalding wrote recently that walls do not work.

    If that is so, how come we are not overrun with escaped convicts? Try to explain to the people of Berlin, or the people of Eastern Europe, that walls do not work.

  • LETTER: Humane Society remains supportive of county animal control

    I would like to respond to what might be a common misconception exacerbated by a recent newspaper article.

    There are essentially two main entities that take care of stray and relinquished animals in our county, the Humane Society of Nelson County and Nelson County Animal Control.

    The Humane Society primarily handles adoptions of relinquished and stray animals, oversees the spay and neuter program, assists in public awareness of animal welfare and encourages responsible pet ownership.