• Letter: Addressing errors that contribute to hysteria

    To the editor,

    I must first admit to shock and surprise at seeing an editorial with a rational pro-gun slant in The Kentucky Standard on Sunday, April 29, 2018, even if it was republished from the Bowling Green Daily News. However, there were at least two related significant errors in that editorial, which often contribute to the anti-gun rhetoric and emotional hysteria. 

    First, the AR-15 (Armalite Rifle, NOT “assault rifle”), as normally configured, would never be a wise choice for hunting elk-sized animals.

  • Letter: Vote Kenny Fogle for judge

    I don’t usually get too involved in politics although my late husband and brother did a lot. I know they did it because they had so much interest in what was happening in Nelson County and really cared about what the government was doing. They always supported good people and trusted them to do what was right. Sometimes they were disappointed in their choices, but they never gave up.

  • Letter: Vote Kory Miller for state rep

    When I first met Kory Miller, he had come to Berea to help Kelly Smith with her campaign for the Kentucky House. He came this far because he cares about all Kentuckians getting the quality representation in the legislature that they deserve: the best! And that’s why I support him for a House seat representing the 50th District. The Democratic primary is Tuesday, May 22.

  • Letter: Vote Gail Brown for clerk

    I would like to ask the voters of Nelson County to vote for Gail Brown for Nelson county clerk. Ms. Brown has over 30 years continuous experience. That’s more than twice the experience of Jeannette Sidebottom.

    She is very knowledgeable about the job because she has learned by working in each department. She knows what has been tried and what hasn’t, and she knows what worked and what didn’t.

  • Letter: Columnist’s viewpoint appreciated, but eating late causes weight gain a myth

    Rebecca Clark Brothers’ Viewpoint titled “Parents Should Avoid Fast Food” in the April 25th issue of The Kentucky Standard was very well written and appreciated. 

    As a father of two young children, I strive to avoid the temptations of easy fast food meals and well understand the significant health risks associated with this unhealthy behavior.

  • Letter: Columnist should listen to his own words

    To the editor,

    I am writing in response to David Shams’ column, “Things I’ve learned since moving to D.C.”

    The last point he makes is that we all live in a bubble. I am assuming he is including himself, and I am sure his bubble must be very small. Only after moving to D.C. seven years ago, did he learn that politicians care only about two things: money and votes. Really? How old are you, David? 12? This is something even the most ignorant in my family has been aware of since the age of 10. I suggest David get himself a larger bubble.

  • LETTER: Brown is the qualified candidate

    Brown is the qualified candidate

    To the editor,

    Who will make a good County Clerk for Nelson County?

    Someone who is currently employed by and has worked for 30 years in that office?

    Someone who has worked in every division in the office and has filled in for the clerk at the Fiscal Court meetings when she is unable to attend?

    Someone with the knowledge of the rules and regulations so there will not be a need to call Frankfort every day?

    Someone who is honest and will treat everyone equally?

  • LETTER: Hard work made Bourbon and Bubbles a success

    Hard work made Bourbon and Bubbles a success

    To our wonderful supporters, the Board of Directors of the Guthrie Opportunity Center (GO Center) Foundation and our participants here at the Center send a large thank you to the many attendees of our Bourbon and Bubbles Gala dinner and auction held at our location on Nutter Drive on April 21. Our facility was designed and decorated into an elegant dining room and reception area thanks to the hard work of our many volunteers.

  • Letter: Vote for experience

    To the editor,

    Take a moment and imagine yourself as an employer hiring a new employee. You have three to choose from: two with little to no experience in the field you need and one with decades of experience. You would be smart to choose the one with all the experience, knowing she or he has knowledge to get the job done the right way and knows the ins and outs of the job.

  • Letter: Brown is the logical choice

    To the editor,

    Gail Brown has been working in the Nelson County Clerk’s office for 30 years, under the excellent leadership of Phyllis Mattingly and Elaine Filiatreau. Gail Brown with her years of experience and knowledge, is the logical choice for Nelson County Clerk.

    I urge you to please vote for Gail Brown for Nelson County Clerk.

    James W. Smith