• LETTER: Celebrating Earth Day

    April 22 marks a half-century of celebrating Earth Days, but do we observe it? Beyond Earth Day there is a growing national debate over the Green New Deal. We can each do our part by reducing our driving, use of electricity, and consumption of animals.

  • READERS' VIEW: Dogs biting mail carriers is preventable

    Did anyone bite you at work today?

    On average, nearly 15 mail carriers per day will say, “Yes.”

    Postal Service officials report that last year, 5,714 letter carriers experienced dog bites or dog attacks. With deliveries every day, including Sundays and holidays, carriers continue to experience dog bites in urban, suburban and rural settings.

    Dog attacks and bites are 100 percent preventable when deg owners remain vigilant and properly restrain their dogs.

  • LETTER: GO Center makes recycling easy

    GO Center makes recycling easy

    This week was bulk pick up in my neighborhood, and it is a nice service. But I noticed that there was a great deal of cardboard in those piles, and it occurred to me that many of you may not know about our GO recycling center.

    The Guthrie Opportunity Center partners with local government to provide recycling services to Nelson County residents at their drop-off center and will take cardboard, newspapers and No. 1 and No. 2 plastics. 

  • LETTER: The price of progress

    Like many Nelson County residents, I commute daily to a job in Louisville via Ky. 245 and Interstate 65.  I am thus well aware of the traffic problems around the Cedar Grove exit on I 65. The traffic is driven by the many growing businesses in the Cedar Grove Business Park. These businesses provide many local residents with jobs, and they benefit my own employer as well.

  • LETTER: City needs to mend street in front of church

    I have a complaint I would like to address, and it is the very poor condition on the road between Fifth Street and Barton Road on West Stephen Foster.

    There are potholes and bumps in front of St. Joseph Church that are bound to eventually knock your car out of alignment if you travel that area frequently, not to mention funeral processions that take place there at the church.

    Can the city of Bardstown do something about this?

    Stephanie Carnell


  • LETTER: Volunteers dedicate time, effort to improving Room in the Inn

    The open house that was held on March 24, 2019, at Bardstown Baptist Church was to let people know the church is participating in the Room at the Inn program.

    Some of the church members have taken the basement and turned it into very nice accommodations. These workers should be recognized for all their long hard work and dedication to the program. They are Dewayne and Connie Duncan, Bill and Debra Nalley, John and Mary Jo Hafendorfer and Edgar Abell.

    April 6 was the first night the new quarters were in service.

    Evelyn Hutchins

  • LETTER: Keep historic buildings free of murals

    Murals on Bardstown’s beautiful old historic walls? Perish the thought. Let other towns that don’t have such treasured walls cover theirs with pretty pictures, but none can compare with what we already have. Let us show them off with great pride.

    If it’s murals you want, put them on the city water tank, the old drive-in movie theater or why not Walmart? But please, please leave our beloved old downtown as it is. You can’t improve on perfection.

    I no longer live in Bardstown, but my heart will never leave it.

    Yours sincerely,

  • LETTER: Wake up, eligible voters

    A new ploy that has been initiated by the Democrats is to pay compensation to the descendents of slaves. This is their attempt to gain more support, meaning votes, so that they can regain power and run our government. Are they also going to compensate the descendents of the Union Army that fought and died in the Civil War, a war against the South, to free the slaves? Who will they feel is next to receive compensation? What about the American Indians who occupied this land before the invasion of Europeans?

  • Support for homeless vets appreciated

    This is to the wonderful people of Bardstown and Nelson County for the contributions to our disabled and homeless veterans during the holiday season and other occasions.

    It is impossible to name all who contributed but you know who you are and how much your help is appreciated.

    I was unable to complete the drive, like I have done in prior years, due to having major surgery in October. There is a long road to recovery ahead, and with the Lord’s help and many prayers, success will come.

  • LETTER: Educate yourself about dangers of ticks, Lyme disease

    Spring is in the air, and unfortunately that means ticks will be hungry. Ticks can be out even during the winter, but they are more prevalent this time of year. If you are going doctor to doctor being diagnosed with one autoimmune disease after another, please join us every fourth Thursday of each month.

    The first meeting is March 28 at the Nelson County Library in Bardstown. You can contact us on our Facebook page, Kentucky Lyme Disease Association or on our website — www.kylymedisease.org.