• Letter: DeWeese will fight for the working class

    James DeWeese will fight to protect people in the war being waged on the working middle class here in Kentucky. From teachers, police officers, factory workers, and government employees, he has our best interests at heart.

    Barry Simpson


  • LETTER: Vote DeWeese for state rep

    I endorse James DeWeese for state representative. James is not just for the working people. he is for all of Nelson County. He will take Frankfort back for the people. He is a honest hardworking family man who will listen to the people who send him to Frankfort as our state cause he knows who he works for us, the people. So please get out and vote James DeWeese for state representative. United we stand divided we fall. Let’s stand strong and united together and send James DeWeese to Frankfort!

    Troy Frazier


  • LETTER: DeWeese works selflessly

    It is my honor and pleasure to endorse James DeWeese as our next state representative. I have lived in Nelson County my whole life. I have known James for over eight years. I have seen the hours he puts in volunteering his time to fight for people. He has worked selflessly to unite people for causes that matter to all of us. He exemplifies honesty, integrity and compassion towards everyone’s unique situations. He is experienced in standing up for what is right and just. He is who we need in Frankfort to stand up for us. Vote for James DeWeese on May 22 and again on Nov. 6.

  • LETTER: DeWeese works hard for those who work hard

    As a retired, but active teacher in Kentucky I have personally seen the dedication James DeWeese has for not only Kentucky’s Active and Retired Public Educators, but also for Public Education. James knows the value of a free public education; and will fight for what is and should always be our greatest resource, our children.

  • LETTER: Fogle’s a good man

    Outside of his immediate family, I probably know Kenny Fogle better than anyone else alive. Kenny and I have been best friends since before we started grade school at Holy Cross many years ago. We have been through some good times and some rough times. We joined the Air Force during the same period of time and remained close for many years thereafter. Even during my years traveling with my music show I knew I had someone to call back home to catch up what was going on and tried to visit each other as much as possible.

  • LETTER: We need his voice in Frankfort
  • LETTER: DeWeese has my vote

    My name is Amy Farley, and I support James DeWeese for state representative.

  • LETTER: He’s always been there when we needed him
  • LETTER: Proud to call Fogle my friend

    When Kenny Fogle first asked me to help him with his campaign for Nelson County judge-executive, I was both honored and concerned. Honored that he put that much trust and faith in me to help, but concerned because I knew what he was up against.

  • Letter: Brown is the right choice for county clerk

    After listening to the 2018 Nelson county clerk debate, it was definitely clear Gail Brown has the knowledge and experience for this office. Her straight forwardness in clarifying facts on the hard issues showed her comprehension and grasp of the concerns. I applaud her for her willingness in exploring possible improvements with the hiring of additional staff.

    With her background in working in all departments; motor vehicles, elections, real estate and bookkeeping, she is prepared to step into the clerk’s position with full awareness, skill and know-how.