• LETTER: DeWeese has my vote

    My name is Amy Farley, and I support James DeWeese for state representative.

  • LETTER: He’s always been there when we needed him
  • LETTER: Proud to call Fogle my friend

    When Kenny Fogle first asked me to help him with his campaign for Nelson County judge-executive, I was both honored and concerned. Honored that he put that much trust and faith in me to help, but concerned because I knew what he was up against.

  • Letter: Brown is the right choice for county clerk

    After listening to the 2018 Nelson county clerk debate, it was definitely clear Gail Brown has the knowledge and experience for this office. Her straight forwardness in clarifying facts on the hard issues showed her comprehension and grasp of the concerns. I applaud her for her willingness in exploring possible improvements with the hiring of additional staff.

    With her background in working in all departments; motor vehicles, elections, real estate and bookkeeping, she is prepared to step into the clerk’s position with full awareness, skill and know-how.

  • Letter: Brown is the obvious choice

    Gail Brown is the obvious choice for Nelson county clerk.

    Her opponent correctly stated that it takes more than seniority to perform the job well. Ms. Brown already has such seniority, as well as 30 years of proven knowledge and experience to perform effectively in all areas of the office, as evidenced by her responses in the recent debate. She is the only candidate with such an accurate grasp of the day-to-day responsibilities of the office.

    Please vote Gail Brown for Nelson county clerk on May 22, for the Democratic race.

    Mary Helen Ryan

  • Letter: Brown has proven herself

    Most people think of the County Clerk’s Office as the place where you get your automobile license, but this office is so much more.

    County clerks are responsible for maintaining the county’s records. They record wills, deeds, mortgages and releases, plats, subdivision regulations, tax liens, various other liens and encumbrances and miscellaneous records affecting real estate. Much care and accuracy is required in the recording of these documents, because they affect the ownership of your most valuable asset — your home.

  • Letter: Have your voice heard and vote Sidebottom

    Nelson County voters,

    I am writing you to encourage you to vote. Your vote matters. You are important. Let your voice be heard through your vote.

    I also want to share why I will be voting for Jeanette Sidebottom as my Nelson county clerk.

  • Letter: Vote Lambert Supreme Court

    In a few weeks, the good people of Nelson and surrounding counties will be deciding on whom to vote for. It is with pleasure to ask all good hardworking and Christian folks to vote for Judge Debra Lambert. She will stand up for us, speak up for us and be accountable and available to us.

    Judge Lambert has made the right choice in the past and will keep doing so on the bench. Let’s together send a proven winner to the bench so go out and vote for Judge Debra Lambert.

    Richard Hardin

    Cox’s Creek

  • Letter: Addressing errors that contribute to hysteria

    To the editor,

    I must first admit to shock and surprise at seeing an editorial with a rational pro-gun slant in The Kentucky Standard on Sunday, April 29, 2018, even if it was republished from the Bowling Green Daily News. However, there were at least two related significant errors in that editorial, which often contribute to the anti-gun rhetoric and emotional hysteria. 

    First, the AR-15 (Armalite Rifle, NOT “assault rifle”), as normally configured, would never be a wise choice for hunting elk-sized animals.

  • Letter: Vote Kenny Fogle for judge

    I don’t usually get too involved in politics although my late husband and brother did a lot. I know they did it because they had so much interest in what was happening in Nelson County and really cared about what the government was doing. They always supported good people and trusted them to do what was right. Sometimes they were disappointed in their choices, but they never gave up.