• President's economic plan hurts future generation

    To the editor:

    So now this administration will attempt to bail out this country with pumping money for us to spend on goods!

    I sincerely hope that we will not fall for yet another mistake that our president has made during the past seven years — spending our children’s money, which they will have to do to pay for this folly.

    If we had not spent the money on a war in which we should not have engaged, our country would not be in the fix we find ourselves in now.

    We need to end this war. We need to bring our troops home.

  • Returning Army unit didn't wear required uniform

    To the editor:

    It was with pride that I watched the coverage last week of the return of Battery C, 2nd/138th Field Artillery from a tour of duty in Iraq. It is a testament to their leaders and their training that they had not a single man lost or seriously injured.

  • The Church and town belong to all, not just a few

    To the editor:

    I’m writing this letter in hope of putting an end to the ugliness surrounding St. Catherine Parish in New Haven.

    There is a group of people there who want to run the parish and apparently feel as if they are spokesmen for the good people of the town. The bad thing is they don’t seem to understand that the church doesn’t belong to them anymore than the town does.

  • Columnist confused legal and illegal immigration

    To the editor:

    One thing the people in this U.S. of A. need is yet another columnist trying to convince us of the complexity of the illegal immigration issue. This issue is not complex at all. It becomes complex when writers purposely confuse legal immigration with illegal immigration and vice-versa. Legal Immigrants want to learn the English language and recognize our customs and traditions as they struggle to assimilate and abide by our laws.

  • Retired teachers always make a difference

    To the editor:

    The Kentucky Retired Teachers Association was organized in 1957. KRTA is the only organization in the state that has as its main purpose to look out for the welfare of retired educators.

    The Biennial Legislative Program is aimed at soliciting support for and commitment to the Association’s priorities.

  • Money was intended for fire victims' families

    To the editor:

    On Feb. 6, 2007, our community suffered a great loss that reached not just “us” — the town that knew the fire victims — but, through news coverage, the United States and even farther got the word of that horrible fire that took 10 lives, and thus began a massive opening of hearts everywhere.

  • Support of Christmas light display appreciated

    To the editor:

    Thank you to Brian Walker and the Kentucky Standard for the wonderful article and for allowing us the opportunity to share our Christmas light display with the community.

    After the story ran on the front page of your paper, we had lines of cars waiting to see the display and listen to the music. We were often stopped by people who gave wonderful comments on the display.

  • Thanks for Toys for Kids work and donations

    To the editor:

    As the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, I find myself looking back on the many happenings during those days. I am, of course, grateful for all the family and friends who gathered together to fellowship, but I am also very grateful for the community in which I live.

    I was co-chair for the Toys for Kids Toy Drive sponsored by the Bardstown Optimist Club. I give a big thanks to Kim McCarty for her generous gift of toys when she closed The Peanut Gallery. She got us off to a great start.

  • Ron Lewis supports George Bush, not Kentuckians

    To the editor:

    I totally agree with the editorial about Ron Lewis using his position to campaign on taxpayers’ money. I left a message for him telling him I resented this. I challenged him on his talk about helping kids. He voted to uphold George W. Bush’s veto of KCHIP which would insure kids whose parents can’t afford to buy insurance.

    Mr. Lewis has consistently voted to support George W. Bush and not the people of Kentucky. I hope voters remember this in the election. Our kids and people deserve better.

    Ed Carty

    131 Springhill Drive

  • Thanks for supporting Hospice of Nelson County

    To the editor:

    On behalf of Hospice of Nelson County, I wish to thank all the associates at Wal-Mart for their generous donation of $500 to our program of care. We so appreciate the support you give to our patients and their families, in addition to all of the other good work you do for our community.

    What a difference you make! We hope 2008 brings many blessings to your and your families.

    Sharon Bade

    Director, Hospice of Nelson County

    111 N. Third St.