• Senate Bill could save "Family Summer Vacation"

    To the editor:Senate Bill 134, “The Family Summer Vacation Preservation Bill,” is awaiting a hearing in the Senate Education Committee. This Bill will mandate that Kentucky schools not start before the third full week in August. The reasons that this bill is moving forward are abundantly clear. Putting our kids on “rolling ovens” i.e. school busses, allowing oppressive heat to run up district utility bills, and crippling Kentucky’s tourist business to the tune of $115 million are the unconscionable effects of beginning school in early August.

  • Thank you for help with trying to find lost pet

    To the editor:During the ice storm late on the night of Feb. 18, an elderly pet cat jumped from a family car and was lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

  • Nazareth Montessori was important part of life

    To the editor:I am a former student of Nazareth Montessori School. I started at age 3 in 1992. Looking back, what I remember most about it was the teachers’ attention to detail. They wanted things to be in order and they strived to make it that way. I was a very mixed up child but the teaching at Montessori straightened me out. I am now a student at Bardstown High School. I may be older but I have not forgotten the days of Montessori.Bardstown also has a preschool and I learned recently that it is able to offer lower tuition.

  • Thanks for help with St. Catherine Super Raffle

    To the editor:

    As principal of St. Catherine of Alexandria Academy, I want to thank everyone involved with our recent Super Raffle. With the help of our parents, community, Knights of Columbus and alumni, we had a successful raffle.

    I am so pleased to see the dedication that these people have for our school. I am blessed to be a part of this community and school. Again, thanks to all who worked so hard to make this fundraiser a huge success.

    Jo Renee O’Bryan


    St. Catherine Academy

    413 First Street

    New Haven

  • Thank you for donations of good, clean items

    To the editor:

    St. Vincent DePaul Mission Store and Food Pantry would like to thank the community for donating the good clean items, food donations and monetary gifts. We would especially like to thank the consignment stores that donate seasonal items. It is through these donations that we are able to help the less fortunate with financial assistance of electric, utilities, rent and other needs as well as putting food on the table from the food pantry the entire year.

  • Reader appalled that family isn't getting money

    To the editor:

    I heard, once again on the news this morning, that the family of the fire last year has not received the donations made to benefit them. I am so sickened by this. I would really like to know just exactly who those at the City of Bardstown think they are. Folks from within and outside Bardstown gave their money for the FAMILY ... NOT a city fund to benefit fire victims in general.

  • Thank you for contributing funds to United Way

    To the editor:

    On behalf of the Board of Directors for the Nelson County Chapter of the American Red Cross, we would like to offer our sincerest thank you to the United Way’s many contributors, volunteers, and support staff, and to the executive director, Linda Wells. The United Way continues to provide vital financial support to the local Red Cross chapter. Without its support, as well as the generosity demonstrated by caring individuals and organizations throughout this community, the Red Cross would not be as effective when looked to in times of need.

  • Students made recent game enjoyable experience

    To the editor:

    My hat’s off to the student fans present at the boys’ Bethlehem vs Nelson County game last week. I am the parent of three teenagers who either have attended or are attending both schools. I did not have a child playing in the game; I was merely a spectator.

  • Funds for fire victims were donated for one purpose

    To the editor:

    The Mayor might surely feel he’s doing the right thing by placing the donated funds in a trust. Good idea!

    The bad part of his idea is his plan to use these donated funds for other purposes. The funds were not donated for purposes other than to help the survivors of that horrific fire event that snuffed out 10 lives.

    Besides having the victims’ funeral expenses paid, the survivors have a lot of living to do beyond the burials.

    Lives can be made productive if the money in the trust fund is preserved for its intended purpose.

  • The Caring Place thanks United Way

    To the editor:

    As we go through life we are lucky to meet others who make a difference in our lives. United Way of Nelson County is an organization that is filled with those who concentrate their efforts on making a difference in the lives of many. The Caring Place is a 501-3 organization that provides emergency shelter and many other services to women and children whose lives have been affected by domestic violence. We operate through grants, private funding and strong supporters such as The United Way of Nelson County.