• Reader will walk in remembrance of family

    To the editor:

    Back in November 2007 we lost my brother to cancer. Two years before we lost my father to carcinoma cancer.

    Greg and my father were two giving people. Anyone who knew them would have to agree.

  • Thanks to United Way for supporting program

    To the editor:

    The Bardstown City Schools district wishes to thank the United Way of Nelson County and supporting members of the community for the grant awarded our center for 2008. This contribution will help us meet the needs of students and their families in our school district.

    The dedication of the United Way of Nelson County and its contributions affect not only our children today, but the future of our community.

    Catherine Webb

    Director of Bardstown

    Schools’ FRYSC

    P.O. Box 28


  • Something needs to be done about local road

    To the editor:

    A recent editorial concerning Bardstown Plaza Shopping Center praised the razing of the area and its new appearance. It really is beautiful and I’ve heard many comments on it from out-of-towners. It really is as stated. Not “Dean’s Folly.”

  • Thanks for help with recent animal crisis

    To the editor:

    The Nelson County Animal Control thanks Nelson County Maintenance, Mark Young, Keith Willett, the Community Service-Russell Fulkerson, Nelson County Sheriff’s Deputies and Detectives for all their hard work in time of crisis.

    Thanks to the Humane Society of Nelson County for caring for the cats, rabbits and bird.

    A special thanks to Dr. Dena Fitzpatrick for her hard work and the compassion she gave to each animal.

  • Chaplin Post Office honors employee

    To the editor:

    The Chaplin Post Office honored Marie Hood April 12 for her 16 years of service as an HCR carrier and we also celebrated customer appreciation day. A special thank you to Marie for her service and for each customer for your continued business and support.

    Along with family and friends, we were pleased to have Gary Allender, Postmaster at Bloomfield and Marie’s administrative official, and David Jones, Postmaster at Taylorsville, Marie’s former coordinator, in attendance for the event.

    A special thank you to all who attended.

    Judy Burns

  • Thanks for help getting people to vote

    To the editor:

    Being a solitary member in Nelson County of the League of Women Voters (LWV) does not mean that the work at hand is not exciting. I am thrilled to announce that many seniors at Bethlehem and Bardstown High Schools registered to vote before the April 21 deadline and will now be able to vote in the May 20 primary, as well as the Nov. 4 election. The students’ registrations were for a mix of three parties: Republican, Democrat and Independent. Adults also used the opportunity to fill out a change of address or a name change on the registration cards.

  • Thanks for help at The Caring Place

    To the editor:

    The members of Parkway Baptist Church in Bardstown donated their time, skills, supplies and equipment to do much needed cleaning at The Caring Place April 19. We are so grateful they chose The Caring Place as their mission.

    They joined together for a day of working fellowship. With painting, cleaning, carpet shampooing and many other spring cleaning ideas, by the day’s end the shelter looked brand new.

  • It is time to stop the bleeding and make our country great again like in years past

    To the editor:

    As a child in the ’60s, I recall the atmosphere of the cold war, including the duck and cover nuclear attack drills. It was not unusual to find stores of old canned goods, bottles of water, and other various necessities stashed away in basements. We’d laugh and giggle at our parents’ paranoia taking comfort in the fact that the USA was the Good, the USSR was the Bad and that Good always triumphed. We would draw pictures in class of the Good old USA defeating the Bad old USSR.

  • Reader wishes good luck to Minor Harmon

    To the editor:

    I heard Minor Harmon is retiring. As a retired teacher at Nelson County who has worked with Coach Harmon through the years, I think he has done a phenomenal job for the program.

    I wish him success in life. He will be missed, but as a retired teacher he will enjoy retirement.

    Good luck Minor.

    Ed Carty

    131 Springhill Drive


  • It's time for a change from McConnell politics

    To the editor:

    During this election, there has been much talk about change. Candidates promise that that they are going to be the one who will make the difference, the ones to start the change. It’s important amidst all this rhetoric that we examine closely this potential.