• Thank you for helping with drug education

    To the editor: On behalf of the sixth-grade students and staff at Old Kentucky Home Middle School, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Bardstown City Police Officer Blair for offering the Drug Awareness and Resistance Education (DARE) program to our students. Officer Blair was very diligent in educating our students about the dangers associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, which provided our students with valuable information that will guide their future choices.

  • Government should prevent abortions

    To the editor: I lament the fact Kentucky is no longer a Pro-Life state. With the crude failure of the Kentucky House of Representatives to bring Pro-Life legislation to a vote, nearly half of our unborn human life in the state will not see the light of day. In states where similar measures were enacted (to confront this barbaric tendency) the abortion rate dropped 40-50 percent. When a legislature conspires (as obvious in this case) to hold in place unjust civil law, it is tyranny. It is formal cooperation with evil on their part and a sin.

  • Problems pushing country closer to the edge

    To the editor: By driving Saddam from power we have given Iran what it had unsuccessfully gone to war with Iraq to achieve back in the 1980s. Thanks to Bush, Iran now has a strong foothold in Iraq. And it was the U.S.A. which first provided Iran with basic nuclear knowledge when our friend, the bloody Shah of Iran, was in power. All the Arab countries strongly urged Bush not to invade Iraq because by doing so he would destabilize the entire region. Of course Bush and Cheney did not listen and allowed radical decisions to take effect without adequate study.

  • Thanks for support of Stephen Foster show

    To the editor:

  • Thanks to the United Way for recent donation

    To the editor:

    The staff and students at the Bardstown-Nelson County Adult Learning Center would like to express our appreciation to residents of Nelson County for their generous contributions to United Way.

  • Reader prays best qualified candidate wins

    To the editor:

    In Ned Rosenbaum’s May 23 letter he mentioned President Abraham Lincoln and President John F. Kennedy. Just take a moment to remember: Both were assassinated. I fear for the candidates’ lives.

    This country is in such a turmoil I just pray for their safety and that the most qualified candidate who can get this country back on track wins. In fact, we are blessed for having candidates who want to be president. All of us should pray that the most qualified wins instead of all the criticism and mud slinging.

    Blanche Taylor

    120 Westview Drive

  • Columnist's accusation was wrong, inappropriate

    To the editor:

    Charley Reese, a self-described Christian Conservative Bush-Cheney supporter, has stooped to a new low. In the May 25 Kentucky Standard he joined the Conservatives who are celebrating the news of Senator Ted Kennedy’s brain cancer. They have mocked and ridiculed the family and Reese has joined in by attacking the dead. He attacks the late President John F. Kennedy and blames him for all the world’s problems and claims “He got us into the war in Vietnam.” That statement is simply a lie.

  • Do we really know how to love?

    To the editor:

    As I was driving home from work last week, there was a sign at a church: ‘If you are looking for love, you came to the right place.’ Arriving home, I sat at my table and said these words in my head, ‘looking for love; you came to the right place.’

    In the dictionary love means to feel tender affection for somebody such as a close relative, or friend or for something such as a place, an idea or an animal.

  • Shop with Cop telethon to begin soon

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  • Thanks for help with career day, reality fair

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