• Non-smokers should oppose ordinance

    To the editor,

    No one is forced to do business with or work for any business that allows smoking, and indeed, more than 30 restaurants in Bardstown are voluntarily smoke-free as a result of market forces and free choice — and that is how it should be done.

  • Reader finds solution to smoking ban

    To the editor:

    Oh goodie! The high and mighty smoking police have descended from their puffed-up perches — to enlighten the uninformed citizens of Nelson County.

    Regrettably, history tells us they (the high and mighty smoking police) will ultimately triumph.

    So, rather than dragging this squabble out — why not just settle the matter as follows?:

    1. Ban smoking in all businesses that need a license to operate — unless — they purchase a “Smoking License.”

  • Ventilation systems won't fix smoke problems

    To the editor:

    I am pleased that our Fiscal Court is considering a smoke-free workplace ordinance for our community.

    As has happened in other communities, in our state, and throughout the country, there will be discussion on a number of issues related to this ordinance. High on the list will be the possibility of using ventilation systems to clean the air. This would result in a weakened ordinance.

  • Bush-bashers have short, selective memory

    To the editor:

    The letters from Joe Kirtley May 22 and July 2 sound like sour grapes. The ever-changing Al Gore was defeated by President George Bush in 2000, and poor old John Kerry was sent home sucking on a Heinz bottle in 2004. People should realize that Bush-bashers have a short memory: Such as Truman’s Korean War, with 23,616 killed in action; Kennedy-Johnson, Vietnam War; Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick; Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs; Clinton’s foray into Somalia, while he was toying with Monica.

  • County should do right thing — go smoke free

    To the editor:

    I hope Nelson County soon will join hundreds of other communities in our country, which have done the right thing to protect the health of their citizens by passing comprehensive smoke-free laws.

  • Governor should have kept his no-tax promise

    To the editor:

    Shame on you Governor. I wish I could have said thank you Governor for keeping your promise but that can’t happen. No new taxes has led to taxes and business as usual in the Capital.

    It was the hope of most of us that you saw the light when you introduced the budget shortfall and did not get your way in pushing casino gambling upon us.

  • Smokers should not have rights taken away

    To the editor:

    Opinions are everywhere, every day — gas stations, workplaces, book stores, post offices, banks, etc. I will cover my opinion of two events taking a toll on society.

  • Writer needs to get facts straight about war

    To the editor:

    Regarding Lucia Beeler’s letter published June 6 in The Kentucky Standard:

    I am currently in Iraq. In fact, I was reading The Standard sitting in a gun truck about 400 yards from Ramadi. Reading her letter angered me and I had to respond to some of her “facts.”

    “Bush and Cheney did not listen and allowed radical decisions to take effectee” Did Beeler forget that Bush and Cheney had the backing of Congress and the Senate? Democrats and Republicans voted in support of this action, including Hillary.

  • Thanks for help with Hospice fundraiser

    To the editor:

    We extend our sincere thanks to the volunteers who pitched in to hold a trail ride and auction to benefit Hospice of Nelson County patients. Scores of volunteers gave many hours to putting together the Boone’s Ride May 24.

  • Thanks for making Trail of Hope Ride a success

    To the editor:

    The first Multiple Sclerosis Trail of Hope Ride was June 7, 2008. We would like to thank a few who made the day a great success.

    Thanks to Joey McDonald and fellow property owners for use of the land to host the day’s events. Also, thanks to all friends and family who helped cook and work that day. Special thanks to The Kentucky Standard, WBRT Radio and The Springfield Sun for publicity of the event. Also, special thanks to all the area businesses and individuals for monetary and auction item donations.