• Workers' safety should be the priority

    To the editor:

    The entrance ramps entering the Blue Grass Parkway should have construction signs warning the speed limit will be reduced to 55 mph. The sign posted is about width of trucks to enter the bridge.

    In one incident, the law enforcement was at the bottom with radar. They should have been up closer to the speed signs and visible to drivers for the safety of the workers.

  • Reader often mistaken for another writer

    To the editor:

    My name is Greg and this is my first letter to the editor of The Kentucky Standard. The reason I write is to give credit where credit is due. There is a member of our community named John who writes the occasional letter to the editor. His comments are appreciated by many who live in and around Bardstown. I know because I have often had the pleasure of receiving those statements of appreciation.

  • Look at character of presidential candidate

    To the editor:

    Why would people select a Marxist presidential candidate who has been heavily influenced by an America-hating preacher, an unrepentant bomber and an America and Jew-hating Muslim and who has no business experience and only one year (active) legislative experience? We become like those we spend a lot of time around.

  • Reader upset at unkind words toward country

    To the editor:

    In this forum on July 2, I noticed a rather uncomplimentary article concerning our president and country.

    As to the writer’s remark, it was highly unnecessary and would have been better left alone. And if this country is so despicable, why are so many desirous of coming here?

    When you are running down my country, you are walking on the wrong side of me.

    Kenneth L. Carney

    100 Coventry Lane


  • Stephen Foster musical is a gem to county

    To the editor:

    I, as an 11-year employee of “Stephen Foster—The Musical,” attended the 50th anniversary celebration. Probably not all in Bardstown and Nelson County realize what a jewel they have here. You can go to the show, have a wonderful family outing and not spend a lot of money on gas.

    The show exemplifies family values, local history and the beautiful music of Stephen Collins Foster. The outdoor setting is wonderful.

  • Reader upset 'real' story of wreck didn't appear

    To the editor:

  • Thanks to Northeast Nelson Fire for kids night

    To the editor:

    I would like to thank Todd Baker and the Northeast Nelson Fire Department for the “Kids’ Night” on Tuesday, July 8. This was a fun and informative night for the kids and their families. “Kids’ Night” has been a long tradition for the NENFD, which provides pizza, games and lots of fun for the kids. However, this year the kids and their families also had the opportunity to see an emergency medical helicopter land and speak with the flight crew. In addition, the NENFD staged a mock extrication to show the kids part of what they do.

  • More benefits than problems with smoking ban

    To the editor:

    I have been reading people’s objections to the idea of the county adopting smoke-free workplaces. I must admit that the idea of not being interfered with is certainly appealing. Most people, including me, feel that we would rather make all of our own decisions.

  • Non-smokers should oppose ordinance

    To the editor,

    No one is forced to do business with or work for any business that allows smoking, and indeed, more than 30 restaurants in Bardstown are voluntarily smoke-free as a result of market forces and free choice — and that is how it should be done.

  • Reader finds solution to smoking ban

    To the editor:

    Oh goodie! The high and mighty smoking police have descended from their puffed-up perches — to enlighten the uninformed citizens of Nelson County.

    Regrettably, history tells us they (the high and mighty smoking police) will ultimately triumph.

    So, rather than dragging this squabble out — why not just settle the matter as follows?:

    1. Ban smoking in all businesses that need a license to operate — unless — they purchase a “Smoking License.”