• OPINION: The dangers of our ballooning national debt

    Politicians and commentators these days like to point to an array of threats to our constitutional system. There’s one, though, that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should: our national debt.

  • OPINION: Motherhood isn’t about all the details

    It’s Friday night. I’m laying in the floor in my son’s room, writing by the glow of a soccer ball night-light and listening to him wiggle and talk, pretending I can’t hear him playing when he’s supposed to be sleeping.

    Bedtime was an hour ago, but we played outside, then had to read a book and get 60 drinks of water and use the restroom and now we’re too wound up to sleep. This is about as wild as our Friday nights get.

    I’m not complaining, but its not always “fun.”

  • Bearing witness from the well of grief

    This morning as I sat in meditation, the emotions were still swirling from yesterday’s announcement that the United States was pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. I was feeling a lot like I felt that night when we began our “shock and awe” bombing of Iraq in 2003.

  • Opinion: When professional sports become religion

    By Michael Quigley

    A recent interview on “Good Morning America” with Tom Brady, the famous quarterback of the New England Patriots and Michael Strahan, former star of the New York Giants, on the subject of sports as religion caught my attention. It was a revealing insight into the phenomenon of professional and collegiate sports that is happening not just in the United States but also in Europe and elsewhere around the world.

  • OPINION: All bets are off in a McConnell, Bevin race

    As the eyes of the world fall briefly upon Louisville and Kentucky, proprietors of this space have long felt obliged to update you on the state’s often curious political landscape and put it in national context.

  • OPINION: U.S.-Russia relations bad, but not ‘new Cold War’

    Russia and the United States have never stopped viewing each other with suspicion and hostility. 

    In times past, representatives of the two countries would meet, engage in exchanges and co-operate in reaching significant agreements, but the underlying relationship remained fraught with tensions.

    Today, neither wants large-scale conflict, but our relationship is as bad as at any time since the Cold War.

  • OPINION: On N. Korea, Trump should refuse to take the bait

    The prospect of winning the Nobel Peace Prize is understandably tantalizing for President Trump. After all the contempt he has faced from the political establishment, watching liberal heads explode at the suggestion by South Korean President Moon Jae-in that he deserves the award must be gratifying. It would be even more gratifying to watch the collective meltdown as he delivered his Nobel acceptance speech.

  • OPINION: Approved jokes for the correspondents’ dinner 2019

    People are saying that White House Correspondents’ Association dinner headliner Michelle Wolf went Too Far with her critiques of the media and the Trump administration, especially those who were in the room. To avoid such unpleasantness in the future, here is a list of approved jokes ready for next year’s celebration. The president has suggested that Greg Gutfeld should host.

    Oh wow, when has there ever been a gathering like this? (This is a rhetorical question; anyone who yells “slightly before the French Revolution” will be removed.)

  • Dream on

    Association Executive
    Old Ky Home  Board of Realtors

    Dream on

  • Opinion: We can still believe people are good

    By Nelda Moore

    Occasionally, near the end of the news reporting, we see some human interest bit meant to restore our faith in humanity, to remind us that compassion and empathy and just general niceness still exist. So please indulge me as I take this opportunity to share just such a story — only this one happened to me.