• Those in the military deserve thanks every day

    Guest Columnist

    Veterans Day this year had a sense of urgency about it. This nation is at war.

    And thousands of miles from Kentucky, in the deserts of Iraq and mountains of Afghanistan, soldiers are dying on our behalf and on behalf of all who support right and good in the world.

    The numbers are staggering.

    Last month, we mourned the loss of the 100th Kentuckian killed on military duty in Iraq and Afghanistan since those wars began nine years ago.

  • Ban against violent video games must be considered carefully

    The U.S. Supreme Court has been spending the last few days with video games. Not playing them, unfortunately (come on, who doesn’t want to take Antonin Scalia on in a game of “Starcraft”?), but instead deliberating on the constitutionality of California law banning the sale of violent video games to minors.

    As a video game enthusiast, I feel somewhat obligated to rail against the idea of banning violent video game sales to minors as an assault on free speech and an effective censoring of the industry.

  • Enjoy some election year good news

    I don’t know about others, but I am enjoying some election year good news.

    I’m not referring to the way we let this election cycle proceed, our issue analyses or the outcome of our selections.   No, I’m looking at our younger and older civic-minded people. Let me explain.

    On Nov. 2 I thought I was being very noble answering a 4:30 a.m. radio alarm — to rise and get my bones to the precinct in the Knights of Columbus Hall in Bardstown to serve a shift at the Kids Voting Nelson County booth there.  

  • It’s ‘homecoming’ time of year

    I recently overheard someone say that this time of year is “homecoming time” again.

    There are indeed several special opportunities and calls to look to “going home” and devoting time with loved ones: Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s Day as well as infrequent events:   weddings, funerals, special-count birthdays, reunions of various types.

  • Tomorrow is another day

    The age of 12 came upon me all of a sudden like. I lived at home with my Mom and Dad. My father was a busy physician, my mother an international buyer for a large department store. Both parents felt like I had crossed the line by failing to take my private school education seriously. My father deferred to my mother on how to handle me and I found myself within the week on the L&N “George Washington” bound for Charlottesville, Virginia and a boarding school 40 miles north in the Blue Ridge Mountains foothills.

  • The shellacking that hubris wrought

    There may be no more deadly force in politics than hubris. It sneaks up on politicians at their weakest moments — the height of their success — and destroys them, sometimes slowly, sometimes spectacularly.

  • Nancy Pelosi: Undone by her own success

    Losing elections is an occupational hazard for politicians, so there’s no need to get all weepy about the Democratic officeholders who suddenly find themselves with more time to spend with their families. It would be more appropriate to shed a tear or two for the future of the country, what with the Tea Party brigade coming to town. Then again, I was pretty gloomy after the 1994 midterms, and yet it turned out that the world did not end.

  • Not all vacations are relaxing

    I will leave soon for a post-election vacation. I didn’t run for office, of course, but I feel like I’ve been put through the wringer nonetheless.

  • Grown-up films lack imagination

    I think I’m quitting grown-up movies for a while.

    I decided this Wednesday night when I was watching “How to Train Your Dragon” and realized it was the most fun I’d had watching a movie in a long time.

  • Economy has role in Tea Party future

    As I write this, it’s Tuesday morning and the nationwide results of the mid-term election are still unknown. However, you don’t need a crystal ball at this point to know it’s going to be a bad day to be a Democrat.

    Conventional wisdom says the House of Representatives will slip from Democrats’ grasp while they maintain a slim hold on the Senate. The party looks like it will lose many governorships as well.