• The incident at Bull Shoals, Ark.

  • New website, new possibilities

    Rhonda W. said she likes the new look of The Kentucky Standard website.

    “It is easy to navigate and so far have found nothing that I don’t like. Great job!!”

    Bruce likes being able to find the full paper online now in electronic form.

    “Now I can get the whole thing on my computer  — the place I both work and read. Thanks so much for this new delivery method.”

    Vicki thinks the new website makes us “look like a big city paper now. Great job to all involved in the make over.”

  • Eric Holder's misguided war on terrorism

    The Obama administration wants us to believe that one out of 285 ain’t bad.

    A jury in New York acquitted Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani on 284 out of 285 charges for his part in the murder of 224 people in the U.S. Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya in 1998. Attorney General Eric Holder thought the trial would be a glorious showcase for the civilian court system. We’d stun the terrorists with our courtroom procedure, win over the world with our mincing legalisms, and salve our consciences after the horrors of the Bush years.

  • Obama's opportunity to be the decider

    We don’t define periods in American history by who held the majority in Congress. It was the Reagan Era, not the Tip O’Neill Era — just as we’re now living in the Obama Era, no matter what John Boehner or Mitch McConnell might hope.

    President Obama is being inundated with contradictory advice on what to do next, now that his party is losing its majority in the House and will have weaker control of the Senate. Most of the punditocracy’s counsel centers on how Obama should greet the strengthened and emboldened Republican opposition.

  • Pen and paper still matter for writers

    There’s been a lot of talk about whether the handwritten word is becoming obsolete. The keyboard is the pen of the future, and computer coding is the new language. Cursive and handwriting are dropping out of curriculums left and right. There is no mention of the words “handwriting” or “cursive” in the 24-page Kentucky Core Content for Assessment in writing, released in 2006. In the Combined Curriculum Content for primary writing, it is mentioned once, with the emphasis placed on legibility.

  • A ringing truth about debt collectors

    A debt collector yelled at me this morning. I tried to yell back — but I think she hung up the phone before I got to the point.

    And I think it was a debt collector. She had all the required traits — attitude, persistence, hide like a water buffalo.

    The funny thing is … it wasn’t my debt.

    It was my morning snooze, however. I worked 16 hours Monday and another eight Tuesday — on top of the 60-or-so from the previous week — so I believed a few extra zzzzs were owed me.

  • Start a blog with The Standard

    Regular visitors to The Kentucky Standard website will have noticed some big changes to our online look. In addition to improving the ease of navigating news articles and finding other information, we’ve added a host of new features, including the ability for our readers to start blogs.

  • A tale of two debts. Will it work out?

    There is a lot of national talk and angst about our national debt being fed by our annual federal budget deficits

    I find it helpful to compare it to other big national debt situations through the decades in other countries.

  • Veterans affairs remain a passion

    By Richard Nest
    Citizen Columnist

  • Debate question on cable TV was justified