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    Regular visitors to The Kentucky Standard website will have noticed some big changes to our online look. In addition to improving the ease of navigating news articles and finding other information, we’ve added a host of new features, including the ability for our readers to start blogs.

  • A tale of two debts. Will it work out?

    There is a lot of national talk and angst about our national debt being fed by our annual federal budget deficits

    I find it helpful to compare it to other big national debt situations through the decades in other countries.

  • Veterans affairs remain a passion

    By Richard Nest
    Citizen Columnist

  • Debate question on cable TV was justified

  • A first step on the national debt problem

    Nancy Pelosi is remarkably consistent. During the election campaign, she attacked Republicans for proposals to tackle the nation’s fiscal problems. After the election, she is attacking the co-chairmen of President Barack Obama’s fiscal commission for the same offense.

  • Where’s the Democrats’ fighting spirit?

    “Why don’t they fight back?”

    That’s the question I’ve been hearing from the Democratic Party’s stunned and dispirited base. For the past month, I’ve been on a book tour that has taken me to Asheville, N.C., Terre Haute, Ind., Austin and elsewhere. Everywhere I go, supporters of President Obama and his agenda ask me why so many Democrats in Washington don’t stand up for what they say they believe.

  • ‘Thank a veteran’ shouldn’t be cliché

    Through the years, I’ve gotten the chance to write many articles about veterans. Sometimes they have passed away and the article is a eulogy of sorts. Others were articles on veterans’ rights or other affairs important to them. Still others, my favorite kind, are feature articles on veterans with whom I am able to visit and hear their story.

  • Why Americans are afraid of dragons

    A friend of mine recently made a disturbing discovery. Whenever you begin to type a phrase such as “Why are Malays” or “Why are Russians” or “Why are [insert nationality here]” into Google’s search engine, a drop-down list of suggested searches appears. It turns out that for almost any nationality you type in, the suggested completions of the phrase include “so lazy,” “so stupid,” “so ugly” — pretty much every malicious stereotype you can imagine.

  • Those in the military deserve thanks every day

    Guest Columnist

    Veterans Day this year had a sense of urgency about it. This nation is at war.

    And thousands of miles from Kentucky, in the deserts of Iraq and mountains of Afghanistan, soldiers are dying on our behalf and on behalf of all who support right and good in the world.

    The numbers are staggering.

    Last month, we mourned the loss of the 100th Kentuckian killed on military duty in Iraq and Afghanistan since those wars began nine years ago.

  • Ban against violent video games must be considered carefully

    The U.S. Supreme Court has been spending the last few days with video games. Not playing them, unfortunately (come on, who doesn’t want to take Antonin Scalia on in a game of “Starcraft”?), but instead deliberating on the constitutionality of California law banning the sale of violent video games to minors.

    As a video game enthusiast, I feel somewhat obligated to rail against the idea of banning violent video game sales to minors as an assault on free speech and an effective censoring of the industry.