• Body image issues don’t just affect adults

    By Stevie Lowry
    Guest Columnist

    “Mommy, is this fattening?” my 4-year-old son asked as I sat down on the couch beside him with a bowl of popcorn.

    Completely shocked, I replied, “No, honey, it’s not fattening. And you don’t need to worry about that anyway.”

    As he began to munch on the popcorn and watch his favorite Spiderman cartoon, I wondered to myself, “Why on earth would he ask such a thing? He’s 4 years old. Why would he even care?”

  • The rule of HHS Secretary Sebelius

    The text of ObamaCare is dry and legalistic, except when it summons the majesty of the King James Bible to intone imperiously, “the secretary shall ...”

  • Danger ahead for the triumphant GOP

    It’s been not quite two months since Republicans won a sweeping midterm victory, and already they seem divided, embattled and — not to mince words — freaked out. For good reason, I might add.

  • Let ‘be nice’ be your motto for 2011

    By Candis Carpenter, Landmark News Service


    Oftentimes, New Year’s resolutions consist of weight loss, money management and various other personal goals.

    People often fail to acknowledge resolutions that are fairly easy to implement. For example, in today’s society I see a lack of respect for mankind. Respect is an easy thing to give and most people were taught at an early age to “treat people how you would want to be treated.”

  • It takes a lot of resolutions to make a resolution

    In the season of resolutions most people seem to pay a lot more attention to the “what” than to the “how.” It’s a new year and all of us are feeling hopeful, but feeling a New Year’s resolution slip away as quickly as it was made can be the ultimate discouragement. That’s why for the past few years I’ve been spending almost as much time building a plan of attack as I do deciding what the resolutions will be.

  • Time escapes us for another year

    This is my last column of 2010. It doesn’t seem possible that yet another year has passed. I’ve reached the age at which it becomes all too apparent that you can’t stop time. We learn that fact at an early age, of course, but when you’re a kid it doesn’t register. In fact, children often want time to pass even faster so they can get out of school or get Christmas and birthday gifts.

  • Heaton says thanks and farewell

    By Dick Heaton

    Guest Columnist

    In a few days my time as mayor of Bardstown will come to an end. When I started in the job four years ago, my goal was to leave the City of Bardstown better than when I came into office. Thanks to the help and support of many people, I think this administration has accomplished that goal.

  • Gadgets are fine but so is downtime

    As an avid video gamer and general geek, I consume my fair share of electronic entertainment and digital distractions. Because of this, I always pay attention to news stories that examine how the technologies that have sprung up in the last decade have impacted our lives and the way our brains work.

  • Focus only on one thing at a time

  • State gives new license plate choice

    I got a notice in the mail last week that I had been dreading. It was my driver’s license renewal reminder card.