• It takes a lot of resolutions to make a resolution

    In the season of resolutions most people seem to pay a lot more attention to the “what” than to the “how.” It’s a new year and all of us are feeling hopeful, but feeling a New Year’s resolution slip away as quickly as it was made can be the ultimate discouragement. That’s why for the past few years I’ve been spending almost as much time building a plan of attack as I do deciding what the resolutions will be.

  • Time escapes us for another year

    This is my last column of 2010. It doesn’t seem possible that yet another year has passed. I’ve reached the age at which it becomes all too apparent that you can’t stop time. We learn that fact at an early age, of course, but when you’re a kid it doesn’t register. In fact, children often want time to pass even faster so they can get out of school or get Christmas and birthday gifts.

  • Heaton says thanks and farewell

    By Dick Heaton

    Guest Columnist

    In a few days my time as mayor of Bardstown will come to an end. When I started in the job four years ago, my goal was to leave the City of Bardstown better than when I came into office. Thanks to the help and support of many people, I think this administration has accomplished that goal.

  • Gadgets are fine but so is downtime

    As an avid video gamer and general geek, I consume my fair share of electronic entertainment and digital distractions. Because of this, I always pay attention to news stories that examine how the technologies that have sprung up in the last decade have impacted our lives and the way our brains work.

  • Focus only on one thing at a time

  • State gives new license plate choice

    I got a notice in the mail last week that I had been dreading. It was my driver’s license renewal reminder card.

  • Did Jesus know any Christians?

    I walked out of my seventh-grade classroom into the hall and there he was. He was a local Jewish businessman who’d just given a talk to the eighth-graders at St. Joe School about Jesus’ Jewish roots. But he looked like the proverbial “deer in the headlights”— after it had been flattened by a semi! “How do you do this?” he uttered, eyes glazed like a zombie. “Were the kids animals?” I asked. “No, no. But really, how do you teach these kids?”

  • America’s first Christmas

    Gen. George Washington’s army retreated from New York in ignominy in November 1776. As it moved through New Jersey, Lt. James Monroe, the future president, stood by the road and counted the troops: 3,000 left from an original force of 30,000.

    In December 1776, the future of America hung on the fate of a bedraggled army barely a step ahead of annihilation.

  • Finally, victory on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

    President Obama must be tempted to respond to his progressive critics with a quote from the old-school rapper Kool Moe Dee: “How ya like me now?”

    Repeal of the military’s bigoted and anachronistic “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays in the military — a campaign promise that seemed to be slipping out of reach — doesn’t fully mend the relationship between Obama and the Democratic Party’s liberal wing. But it’s a pretty terrific start.

  • Reader claims origin of BG Christmas tree

    For several months and perhaps even a couple years, there has been a tree along Blue Grass Parkway that is decorated for Christmas. It isn’t decorated only during December, but all year long. The tree is a frequent topic of conversation and conjecture as people wonder aloud who did it.