• Should I stay or should I go?

    Association Executive
    Old Ky Home  Board of Realtors

    You have made up your mind you’re going to sell your house. After all, all signals say it’s the perfect time, with the low inventory and high demand. It should sell right away at a premium. But wait a minute, where will you go? Are there any homes to move to? You’ll have the money you need to get that dream home, but where will you find it?

  • OPINION: Stock splits: What if ... or if only I ...?

    If only I still owned the first stock I ever bought: 100 shares of Apple common stock that I bought for $12 a share ($1,200) more than 30 years ago and sold less than a year later for $18 a share ($1,800), a very healthy $600 profit at that time in my life. I wonder what those 100 shares would be worth today with the increase in the stock price and all the stock splits?

    Apple stock has split four times since it started. Let’s get started calculating what could’ve been.

  • OPINION: The immigrant you know

    When my parents moved to Bardstown in the summer of 1973, they were welcomed with the sort of generosity that has made the community famous. Bardstown High School had hired my father to be the new math and physics teacher.

    Two weeks prior to the move, my parents had returned from a month-long pilgrimage to my father’s homeland. It was the first and only time he visited Iran since coming to the U.S. Just a few short months later, my older sister was born. For my parents, 1973 was a busy year.

  • OPINION: Prepping properly for a school firefight

    The closest I’ve ever come to a gunfight are some pitched paint-ball battles with my college buddies during our annual retreat we’ve been doing for well over a decade.

    Those have taught me that even when paint balls start flying — which hurt badly but are not lethal — your body and mind react in ways they wouldn’t normally.

  • OPINION: This school safety proposal makes sense

    Details are emerging from the deadly shooting rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., and one fact is particularly alarming — the former student who committed the murders was inside the school only six minutes. During that time, he shot at least 25 people and killed 17.

    That is significant, because after the initial shock, anger and heartbreak over such a heinous act, our thoughts turn toward the question: How do we prevent this from happening again?

  • OPINION: Despite Olympic glow, half of Korea remains in darkness
  • OPINION: That last Louise Linton profile wasn’t rehabilitating enough. Here’s mine.

    “Louise was blessed and fortunate enough to be raised in a Scottish castle, and to not understand the reality of some human beings with a different background,” said Louise Linton’s friend in this Elle profile. In fact, I do not think that profile did a good enough job of showing how down-to-earth Louise Linton is at all. Here is another attempt.”

  • Opinion: Tax cuts for the rich

    By Dr. Harry Spalding

  • Opinion: Pension solution still a work in progress

    Week six of the 2018 legislative session is in the books, and bills continued to move steadily through the Senate as work on the budget and pension reform continues.

    While we have not released a pension proposal just yet, we are hopeful that it will be made public in the coming days as we continue to sort out details on this complex issue. As for the budget bill, its fate currently is in the hands of the House, and we are hopeful that we in the Senate will receive a budget bill by early March.

  • Opinion: The pace quickens: Critical legislation is moving

    By Chad McCoy

    In Frankfort, diligent work continues on a pension reform proposal and a responsible budget. As those two issues consume much time and effort, there are also several other critical bills moving through the House.