• Opinion: To me, the takeaway is fairly simple

    By Nelda Moore

    I doubt there’s anything new to say about school shootings, no points that haven’t been dissected and discussed, all to little avail if no one’s listening. With news-to-order the rule now, too few of us get exposed to thoughts outside what we already think we know.

  • Opinion: Our pension reform bill has been filed

    After weeks of anticipation and months of discussions and meetings with stakeholders, the Kentucky Senate Majority Caucus filed its comprehensive pension reform bill as Senate Bill (SB) 1 on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

    While SB 1 marked the filing of one of the most significant pieces of legislation of the 2018 session, we continued to hold committee meetings and voted bills out of the Senate chamber, making for another busy week in Frankfort.

  • Opinion: We should be skimming from the top

    By Rebecca Clark Brothers

    All good cooks know to skim the fat from the top of the pan, but employees at most boards of education must not be cooks, because the fat is never skimmed from the top, but instead from the bottom of the pan.

    Case in point, the eliminating of the midday preschool bus by Nelson County’s board employees and board members hurts the little people: the preschoolers, the parents and the bus drivers.

    One of the purposes of the 1990 Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) was to help the “little people.”

  • OPINION: Welcome to AP U.S. History! Everyone say hi to the tank and 150 heavily armed men

    Hi, and welcome to AP U.S. History!

    Per the president’s instructions, 150 trained ex-Marines and a tank will be sitting in with us this semester. Everyone say hi! And get cozy. There isn’t a lot of room here because we decided that, of all the possible ways we could have sought to ensure our children’s safety, this was literally the only approach we could try.

  • GOP tax reform used to be unpopular. Not anymore.

    When the Republican-controlled Congress first approved its tax bill in December, most Democrats believed it would be a political loser for the GOP. Indeed, a New York Times poll found that just 37 percent of Americans approved of the plan. “To pass a bill of tax cuts and have it be so unpopular with the American people is an amazing achievement for the Republicans — it’s never been done before,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., crowed.

  • OPINION: Deficits, debt and hypocrisy are unholy trinity

    For many of us who have no allegiance to either major party, one of the more attractive features of the Republican Party was its stated aversion to deficit spending, which is useful in recessions but otherwise can cause inflation and saddle future generations with too much debt that crowds out worthy spending.

  • OPINION: I do what I can and embrace their smiles

    You’ve heard the same news I’ve heard in the aftermath of the Nikolas Cruz mass murders in Florida.

    Much of it seems so confusing, so contradictory. On the one hand, we learn that the warning signs were clear: the FBI had access to information that should have tipped them off so that they could have prevented this heinous act; the school should never have let this troubled student in the building; the young man should never have had access to a gun.

  • Opinion: ‘Thank God for Mississippi’

    By Margie Bradford

    Prior to 1990, educators in Kentucky said, “Thank God for Mississippi.” That was because out of 50 states, only Mississippi ranked lower in per-pupil funding for education.

    The disparity in funding for school districts that had little tax bases and richer districts was stark. In 1989 several school superintendents brought suit against the Kentucky General Assembly, charging that such disparity in funding was unconstitutional.

  • Should I stay or should I go?

    Association Executive
    Old Ky Home  Board of Realtors

    You have made up your mind you’re going to sell your house. After all, all signals say it’s the perfect time, with the low inventory and high demand. It should sell right away at a premium. But wait a minute, where will you go? Are there any homes to move to? You’ll have the money you need to get that dream home, but where will you find it?

  • OPINION: Stock splits: What if ... or if only I ...?

    If only I still owned the first stock I ever bought: 100 shares of Apple common stock that I bought for $12 a share ($1,200) more than 30 years ago and sold less than a year later for $18 a share ($1,800), a very healthy $600 profit at that time in my life. I wonder what those 100 shares would be worth today with the increase in the stock price and all the stock splits?

    Apple stock has split four times since it started. Let’s get started calculating what could’ve been.