• OPINION: I’ll explain why you don’t need a Straight Pride Parade

    February is Black History Month and in March, we’ve got an International Women’s Day. It’s June and Gay Pride Month.

    “What about us?” the majority cry.

    The answer? You don’t need a day or a month, and be glad that you don’t. You see, a white person doesn’t have to fear being denied an apartment just for being white. A white man doesn’t have to fear losing his job. A straight couple need not fear a beating, verbal assault, or sometimes death simply for some small public display of affection like a hand hold.

  • OPINION: Don’t use the Bible, religion to defend prejudices

    With his 75 IQ, the fictional character Forrest Gump saw situations clearer than others with more intelligence. Even though the topics listed have been debated and discussed in the news for months or in some cases, years, some confusion still exists.

  • OPINION: Instagram shows all the fun Ivanka Trump has had since the border policy was announced

    “Remember that nothing is forever, except that you’re a parent.”

    -- Ivanka Trump, “Women Who Work”

    May 8: Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces that a new zero-tolerance policy of prosecuting all those who enter the country illegally may cause families to be separated. Based on statistics released Tuesday by the Trump administration for May 5 to June 9, approximately 65 children are separated from their parents every day.

    May 9: About 65 children are separated from their parents.

  • OPINION: Politics: We need it to solve our problemsThe central axiom of partisan politics

    Editor’s note: The following Charles Krauthammer column was originally published on July 26, 2002. Krauthammer died Thursday, June 21, at age 68, and The Washington Post made the following column available for publication in his memory.

    To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.

  • OPINION: Politics: We need it to solve our problems

    Every so often, I jot down a list of the things that discourage me about our country. There’s the widespread disregard for our core values of tolerance and mutual respect, for instance. Our declining national optimism. Our relaxed attitude toward fixing our election machinery, overseeing financial institutions, and making sure that our key democratic institutions and processes are working effectively. There’s wage stagnation, income inequality, a high poverty rate, failing infrastructure, inadequate health care coverage, a dysfunctional Congress ... You get the idea.

  • OPINION: Working in Nelson was an experience

    If you’re reading his, then I’m already gone.

    I’m not dead, I just always wanted somewhere to write that. I am, however, no longer part of the full-time Standard staff.

    I think it’s definitely true that the friends you keep at the hardest parts of your life are the ones who stay with you the longest. That’s what keeps coming to mind every time I start to write this column. As I type these words, my time with The Kentucky Standard has come to an end.

  • Kim Jong Un -4, Trump -1*

    By Margie Bradford

    President Donald Trump prepared for his historic off/on again summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un by doing… exactly nothing.

    Traditionally, presidential aides and diplomatic experts have spent weeks if not months preparing for summit meetings, negotiating details and getting documents ready, David Jackson wrote for USA Today on June 10. Trump declared that his life experience made him ready to deal with North Korea.

  • Opinion: Had I been born in Iran, you’d do the same to me

    By David Shams

    To say I’m not surprised we’ve reached this point, this quickly would be an understatement. In fact, I’m more surprised it took this long.

    The current president ran a campaign based on the dehumanization of virtually every possible group except white evangelicals (who still seem to overwhelmingly support his agenda). If you were a person of color or one of those who sits at the limits of whiteness, the target on your back only has only become bigger.

  • Look, Kim Jong Un is just doing his best

    As President Trump explained to Bret Baier during an interview aboard Air Force One, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is just a young man doing his best in a difficult circumstance. Has he done bad things? Sure. “Hey, when you take over a country — tough country, tough people — and you take it over from your father, I don’t care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have — if you could do that at 27 years old, I mean, that’s one in 10,000 that could do that,” the president of the United States said.

  • COLUMN: Trump deserves more latitude, less attitude