• Opinion: A pilgrimage to the heart of the Celtic world

    To travel is obviously a horizontal journey in space; but pilgrimage, on the other hand, is both a horizontal and a vertical journey into the very heart of being itself. My wife, my daughter, her friend and I spent 16 days on pilgrimage through Scotland and Ireland. What follows are journal entries from two of the days.

    DAY 6: Hung Ladder, Isle of Skye, Scotland

  • Is a lake house right for you?

    Association Executive
    Old Ky Home  Board of Realtors

    This is the time of year when people all over the state are asking themselves, is the lake life for me? Do I invest in something to enjoy my leisure time? What are the questions I want to ask before I make such a decision? Not being an expert in the lakefront field, I asked some Realtors with experience in this specialty, what do you want to do if you are considering a lake home?

  • OPINION: Passing on the father/child connection

    David Whitlock

    Guest Columnist


    “Whatcha preaching on?”

    That’s how my dad would answer the phone for years when I would call him on Sunday mornings.

    We talked each day, early in the morning, just for a few moments.

  • OPINION: President Trump’s fake patriotism

    Because reality in 2018 is indistinguishable from ham-handed parody, here is what happened this week.

  • OPINION: Obama took lying to new heights with Iran deal

    When it comes to the Iran nuclear deal, the Obama administration increasingly appears to have been a bottomless pit of deception.

  • OPINION: Medicaid work rules are costly, intrusive

    Aside from the obvious moral implications of adopting an approach certain to significantly reduce the number of insured Kentuckians, Gov. Matt Bevin’s work requirements for Medicaid recipients will produce a new bureaucracy that is costly, intrusive and doomed to fail.

    They will also guarantee a reversal of the recent improvement in Kentucky’s notoriously bad health metrics.

  • OPINION: No matter what

    I keep Katie’s notes close to my bedside, not just because I promised her I would, but because they bring me hope, especially on those nights when despair wants to crawl in bed beside me.

    You have them, too, don’t you? Those nights when your fears decide to have a party, and their racket wakes you.

    It’s amazing the truth a 9-year-old can grasp and pass along.

    Katie’s simple notes have a way of toning down the worries rumbling in my head.

  • OPINION: Why you don’t need a straight pride parade

    Mary Anglin-Coulter

    Community Columnist


    February is Black History month and in March, we’ve got an International Women’s day. It’s June and the start of Gay Pride Month.

    “What about us?” the majority cry.

  • OPINION: RFK’s legacy still strong after half a century

    In my office at Transylvania University was a framed image of Robert F. Kennedy with these words: “The task of leadership, the first task of concerned people, is not to condemn or castigate or deplore; it is to search out the reason for disillusionment and alienation, the rationale for protest and dissent — perhaps, indeed, to learn from it.”

  • OPINION: Scant turnout makes political defeat bitter

    Most of us remember where we were when President Kennedy was assassinated, at least those of us my age or older. We also are well aware what we were doing on that infamous day of Sept. 11, 2001, or “9-11.”

    Candidates such as I, who come up a bit short on votes on election night, also have that memory etched into our brains forever.

    You know where you were and who you were with when that realization came over you that all the hard work and all the money spent were just not going to be enough to get you to the victory lane.